September 18th, 2008


Meme a Day 2008-Day 262-What's In My Handbag Meme

Ganked from morganmuffle

Although as far as I'm concerned, it should be called, "What's in my pocketbook.

Plastic thingie with ATM, Gym card etc.
Cell phone
Card with phone number and address of Lawton Healthcare Center
Loose change
Hair scrunchie
Hubby's money clip, which I've been holding onto since the accident.
Beep-beep card to get into the office. (Actually it was sitting on the desk, just waiting for me to forget it, so I put it in the pocketbook while doing the meme.)

Closing out the Fanmix Meme with two for vanillafluffy


Two meme responses for the price of one:

In the Top Five Meme , the stupendously awesome drunken_hedghog asked me to name my Top Five QI guests.

1. Jimmy Carr
2. John Sessions
3. Jeremy Clarkson
4. Clive Anderson
5. Richard E. Grant.

(Runners up would be Phil Jupitus and Bill Bailey)

The self-same Ms. Hedghog provided me with this challenge in the Random Rant Meme

The problems with British culture from an American perspective. Anything from little niggles to outright infuriations!

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