October 13th, 2008

Meme A Day 2008-Day 288-The Muse Meme

Ganked from cjtremlett

Interesting result for the Angst-Queen, but I do think I'm pretty funny as well.

gURL.comI took the "nine muses" quiz on gURL.com
my muse is

Love the gift of laughter? Thalia, patron goddess of comedy, may be the reason. Her name means "The Flourishing" because she brings fame to those she favors. She is often depicted with a comic mask and a cane (perhaps to drag un-funny people off stage...). Read more...

Which muse inspires you?


Courtesy of my girl-crush, Peggy, who went back east to Maine last week and returned with the earrings I'd been bugging her for since her last excursion to the ancestral home.

We had a fabulous Karaoke Sunday, with her pretty gym boys, chocolate_frapp, Rockin' Vince, some pretty girls who were not dyke-tastic, Donatello, Daddy David, Ben the bartender, and a little poetry reading.

Peggy and I did "This Could Be The Start of Something Big," and I sang "Lady Godiva," by Peter & Gordon and finished up with "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley.

Other high-lights of the weekend in no particular order:

Dinner at Il Cantuccio with Ivan. Hubby managed to go down the stairs and Walk about two blocks, so we could go to our favorite Italian restaurant for the first time in a long time.
I admit to stuffing myself with bread and the green dipping sauce, but none of us had desert.

Afterwards, Ivan came up to the apartment and uttered the fateful words..."Can I catch the end of the ball-game." This turned out to be the Tampa Bay/Red Sox game, which then proceeded to go into EXTRA INNINGS. We had fun watching, but I was not that into it. Also, Tampa Bay players...do you really want TB on your caps?

Meanwhile...this is what happens when you hang out with two straight guys....during commericals, they were googling for Billie Piper's Top Gear interview, so they could see her "see through" blouse.

Started Saturday and finished Sunday night and am already massively in love and planning to nominate it for yuletide so I can either write or get some fic written for me.
Love to amproof, for putting up with me gushing at her the whole time I was watching it.

I can't get over all the subsidiary fandoms I've gotten into from the intial rush of Barrowmania...Who/Torchwood/LOM, and now this.

Aside from all the slash potential, this series had it all. Hot het. Great dialogue. A slew of awesome actors, and OH MY GOD JOHN SIMM IS A SEXY MOFO IN THIS. HOT HOT HOT.

Glennister is awesome, Nighy has all the lines, the Het is hot and the ground is dry and OMG, John Simm in a goatee...I believe this is an appropriate time to invoke that old chestnut...I'd hit that like the fist of an angry god.

I'm still fascinated by the dichotomy between someone like (naturally) John Barrowman, where every time you see him, there's that shock to the system that one man could be that gorgeous, whereas John Simm, isn't as conventionally handsome, but does things and acts in ways that make you want him and make you want the people around him to want him. As much as I'm a Jack/Doctor girl, I still think the sexiest moment in the Utopia arc is the Doctor/Master phone sex.

So anyway, I'm on a new conversion crusade. (Hi hllangel). If you haven't seen it yet, go and do so, so I have more people to Squeeee with.


Six mile taper run.

Next week is the 1/2 marathon. It ain't gonna be pretty, but I'm gonna do it.

While I was slogging along out there, I got bit with the H/W bunny that I ended up writing and posting. It's doing very nicely with the comments, although I worry a bit about Pavlovian response to H/W angst-fic.

Obnoxious kids outside Safeway selling chocolate bars for some alleged charity while I'm still hanging on by a thread trying to stay off sugar. I told them to get away from me with their evil chocolate.

I've got a broken nail. I am not happy.