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October 30th, 2008

One of these mornings....

So far, so good. Actually kind of giddy and doing the happy dance.

I actually heard from Air India this morning. Zarine was able to perform a miracle and get me the space, so along with the client actually being a nice guy, I'm in considerably less angst and agita than I was the past few days. Two lessons I learned from my father proved to be true once again:

1. Don't Take "NO" for an answer.
2. God protects drunks and fools, which I have amended to God protects drunks, fools and travel agents, since it's so often the same thing.


I'm going to put up the party post later tonight, at which point it will already be the 31st in the UK. Party-goers will comment to the post with the links to their "costumes." You're free to crosspost to whichever comms you feel are applicable, however I'd strongly recomment waiting until Sunday night/Monday mornign to avoid the weekend vortex. You've worked hard on these stories and they deserve the maximum exposure.

I've gotten some great suggestions for food and a late influx of music, so things should be rocking pretty hard by the time the US joins in tomorrow morming. Remember, it's a week long party, so if you're still sewing sequins or making a mask, there's plenty of time.

From the previews I've gotten in my capacity as Beta and Hostess with Mostest, I think we're in for some spectalar fics that will require vast amounts of ret-con and brain bleach. We may all be partying on our barstools in hell for the rest of eternity, but I can't think of anyone I'd rather be palling around with down there than you guys.
Ganked from rolleson

Pick a fandom and tell the world what you will never apologize for.

Ten Things I Will Never Apologize For In New Who/Torchwood Fandom

What you'd expect and some you might notCollapse )

Ten Things I Will Never Apologize for In House MD Fandom

Everybody Lies, but these are all true.Collapse )
Title: Everlasting Love
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: NC17, for both sex and violence
Wordcount: 2460
Notes: Written for the 2008 "Come As You're Not" Halloween fanfic party. My challenge to myself was to have Jack say "I love you" to Ianto and mean it. Please keep in mind my well-known views on the pairing and read the warnings carefully. Brilliant, hard-core Beta provided by beta_goddess and much hand-holding done by hllangel along the way.
WARNINGS DARK!FIC!!! This story contains torture, both physical and psychological involving sharp weapons and blood-shed, as well as potentially offensive views about sexuality. Special warning to J/I fans and Gwen-haters: Jack is fucked up and timing is still everything.

Summary: Jack knows what he wants and how to get it.

This love will last foreverCollapse )


Welcome to 3rd annual "Come As You're Not" Fanfic Halloween Party.

Here's Dobie Gray to welcome you to the party, because when you hang out at the Chelsea Drugstore you are definitely In With The In Crowd

Help yourself to yummies:
This year we're going all comfort food with a big pan of mac 'n" cheese with bacon, chips & dip, corn-dogs and at least two pasta salads.

candesgirl has made her famous pumpkin bread.

For your sweet teeth, the Chelsea Drugstore provides both Godiva AND Ghiradelli chocolate of all types from milk to dark, as well as Reeses Pieces, Dark Chocolate M&Ms, Curly Wurly's, Redvines, Jelly Bellys, candy corn, and all the Harvest Mix goodies.

ETA-A special treat suggested by haldane Hostess Twinkies with Candy Corns inserted in each of the cream holes at the bottom.

Visit the open bar with cute omnisexual bartenders of both genders who will be serving red, red wine, bitters, lime and soda, Jack Daniels, and of course enough Diet Coke to keep you guys awake all week.

Brain bleach and Retcon will be available should you feel the need to forget anything you've seen or done, however codysgirlkyla has sent a credible threat to spike the brain bleach, so imbibe at your own risk. She's also planning on leading an angry mob, so don't forget your pitchforks and torches.

And now, the reason we're all here: THE COSTUMES

Please post to your own LJ and then comment here as follows with your link.

Characters or Pairing:
Word Count:
Notes for warnings, spoilers, loving on your Beta, etc.
Why it's a costume:

You're more than welcome and highly encouraged to cross-post to applicable comms, however, I would recommend waiting until Sunday Night/Monday Morning to avoid the weekend vortex.

We've got a week to post and read these fics, although I suspect most will go up in the first 24 hours. BE GENEROUS WITH YOUR COMMENTS. Please comment directly to the writers's LJ, not in the comment chain.

Let me know if you used a karaokegal song lyric prompt so I can give you your extra candy corn.

So without further ado…..(or even Do Wa Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do)



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