November 2nd, 2008

Stuff, nonsense and some TV Babble

Hubby had a follow-up appointment on Friday. He's now OK to put 25 pounds of weight on the leg. This is great news and means he is definitely making progress. We're looking at him going back to work around the middle of January, just about the time of the Squeeeee Odyssey.

He's also trying to taper off the salt again, as well as the coffee and coca-cola. In spite of being on the blood-pressure meds, he's getting the ringing in his ears, so apparently he doesn't get a free pass.

And I'm getting my ass back to the gym tomorrow, which means getting out of the house without going downstairs and getting bagels.

Rain, rain, rain yesterday. Finally. It's been months.

I really wanted to get up to Mervyns yesterday. They're closing after the holidays and I need to stock up on Gloria Vanderbilts before that happens, but the only errand I really got done was picking up Hubby's pain meds, although he's really tapering off those as well.

We watched Shallow Grave last night. Young, clean cut Christopher Eccleston and young, shaggy-haired Ewan McGregor. Plenty of slash potential there, but one of those plots that hinges on people doing something reallyreally stupid. Have these people never seen a movie before? Do they not know how this is going to turn out? Apparently not.

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Three days to the election and I for one am scared shitless. The battlegrounds are too close and these people are not giving up power no matter what.

SNL last night-very cute-especially Affleck as Keith. Tee hee hee.

I can't wait to get home tonight and crosspost my J/I story. Mostly curiosity and of course comment crackwhoredom rearing it's ugly head.

Don't forget, the party keeps a rollin' so please keep postine your costumes and giving other writers goodies. I'll be bringing Sushi back tonight for everybody and a new shift of hot, omni-sexual bartenders will go on duty at 830PM.