November 16th, 2008


Saturday in the park...this time, literally. (and OMG HEROES!!!)

Mazel Tov to my friend Allyson and welcome to the world Amelia Rose Klein.


OMG Children In Need----The Dr. Who and Top Gear/Ashes to Ashes clips. Both massively squeeeeee-worthy in their own way. I haven't seen the CIN QI yet, but it's ready to go later today.

I got a ton of laundry done yesterday, which is a major relief going into vacation week.

Peggy came over at 1:00PM and we did in fact sit out in Dolores Park, with her friend Craig breathing in fresh air and second hand marijuana smoke, playing Mille Bornes. Hubby and I had never played before and were instantly entranced. Maybe it was the weed in the air, but I couldn't help wondering if the Cliff Richard song "Green Light" was based on the game. I know, I'm weird.

Afterwards, we walked up to Castro Street to see if we could find the game at Cliff's or Walgreens. No such luck, but I did find an awesome Rachel Maddow picture in the November issue of GQ. (Here's a copy of it-

Hubby and I had an early dinner at Luna on Castro street and literally had the entire restaurant to ourselves for some very yummy cheeseburgers. When we came out, there was an anti Prop-8 sit-in type thing going on in the middle of Castro and 18th. Hearts in the right place, but tying up traffic on CASTRO STREET isn't the answer, especially when Hubby's leg was getting tired and we couldn't get a cab because the street was blocked off. We walked up to Market and did manage to get a cab for the few blocks home. Our driver was not fond of protesters in general and also had a lot of say about Critical Mass.

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