November 17th, 2008

See the tree, how big it's grown...

Yes, I did sing one of the worst songs ever written today. I was hanging out at the Mint this afternoon with Ben the Bartender and a few others. Ben did a Dolly Parton song called "The Cowgirl and the Dandy" which was written by Bobby Goldsboro and I threatened (jokingly) to sing "Honey," only it turned out that Ben had never heard this particular monstrosity so I was actually forced to sing it.

The weather is holding at Maui levels and my vacation is off to a good start. Yesterday I spent way too much $$$ at Mervyns grabbing some Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and other goodies before they go out of business. Then I went to the Mint, hung out with Sebastian, Peggy, Rockin' Vince, Kenny, Daddy Dave, Brian the Bartender, Yanni, Jim, Rob et al. All the time imperiling my already pathetic eyesight, by working on my yuletide fic in the dim barlight.

Sunny Afternoon-The Kinks (for timbershiver)
Think Of The Good Times-Jay and the Americans
Wear My Ring Around Your Neck-Elvis Presley
Sign Of The Times-Petula Clark
Avenues and Alleyways-Tony Christie
I Can't Decide-Scissor Sisters.

Today was just all kinds of mellow. I went to Golds Gym to get a week pass and take the Body Pump Class. Afterwards, hubby and I went to Samovar for brunch. Seating outside in the heat. Reading the paper. Life is good.

Then I went to the Mint to do some more writing and singing a bunch of shit including he aforementioned horror. Kitty showed up and we had a Rachel-love bonding moment. Layne was there and couldn't remember my first name because he's started associating me with my LJ username.

Came home around 630PM to cook and play Milles Borne. Also wrote and watched some Top Gear.

Now watching Countdown/Rachel Maddow, although they both seem to be on vacation. Talk about RPF fodder. Tomorrow I have to do some stuff for Psycho-Sis, but I get to buy a new pair of running shoes to make up for it.