November 22nd, 2008

Meme A Day 2008-Day 328-Which Soldier Type Are You Meme

Ganked from asha_dreamweave

You Scored as Artillery/Aircraft

You are an artillery/armor soldier. Fighting really isn't your strongsuit, and instead you prefer to sit back and blow things up with your 80+ mile range. This isn't to say you don't have a strong sense of duty and honor. You just seem to be smarter about it than most others around you. You agree with Gen Patton's words: "The object of war isn't to die for you country, it's to make the other bastard die for his."



Special Ops






Support Gunner






Combat Infantry/Armor


Which Soldier Type Are You?
JB Jack Russell

Rachel bonding at the bookstore (And John's new album)

Shout Out to the very cute guy I met today at Books Inc. I was coming back from working out and stopped at Books Inc to get hubby some new books as well as pick up The Advocate with this picture of Rachel Maddow on the cover:

(Time out for flailing and general girl-crushyness on Rachel.)

Anyway, the guy in front of me in the line saw the magazine and asked if I knew who she was, and I replied, "I worship that woman," and we had this whole Rachel Bonding moment. Turns out he went to school with her, and said he was surprised by her recent fame, but thinks she will continue to be fresh and awesome and true to herself. I also mentioned the picture in the Out 100, and checked into see if he knew who John Barrowman was. He said he did, but may have been shining me on. Anyway, then the guy in back of me chimed in and asked when she was on and I gave him that info.

I feel like I need to spread the Rachel love as much as the Barrowmania, especially since they are now only one degree of separation due to the Out 100 spread.

How cool would it be if they had run into each other at the photo-shoot or something? Except I'm worried Rachel might not know who John was unless Kent Jones was there to tell her.

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Of course it doesn't matter what I think because it will go gold and the fangirls will SQUEEEEEE themselves silly. But that doesn't mean it's what he's capable of. I am sad.