December 1st, 2008

enormous talent

Monday Morning Pimp-a-Palooza

mad_jaks wrote a drabble for me.
It's Jack/Gwen, it's HOT and it's HERE . Yeah, you hate J/G, you hate het, blah, blah, blah. Hot and Well-Written Trumps Everything, and hey, it's a DRABBLE, with a Bryan Ferry lyric prompt. What's not to like?

Also do not forget to check out consci_fan_mo, with lots of tasty bite-sized fics (100-2000 words) of both Sci-fi fanfic and original fic being posted during the month of December

Who doesn't love some Tortureguy!Jack fic, especially when he starts applying it to the Doctor? rose_cat did a seriously awesome, although creepy fic. It has some squick warnings, but it's a brilliant little vignette that deals with how deeply screwed up our boy really is, as opposed to the schmoopy-oopy teddy bear certain fangirls would like him to be.
Go. Read. Now!

Speaking of things that might give some people a case of the squicks, but should be read anyway, paperclipbitch is writing slashfic for Clyde/Luke of The Sarah Jane Adventures. So far it's pretty innocent, as befits the ages of the protagonists, but it is lovely writing. Here's the tag. She's also writing Merlin fic, for those who are interested. Tagged here.

In a sort of an anti-pimpage without naming names, I saw a fic the other day that was an incest fic where Ianto was Jack's 15 year old son. The fic was hot, although of course it was basically just Jack having sex with his son who happened to have that name. There was nothing resembling characterization. The story was properly labeled so putting aside any question that anyone would read it by accident, I can't help wondering the same old cry...can you imagine the WANK if that were a Jack/Gwen fic with EXACTLY the same set up?

Meanwhile, just because I can. If anyone here has NOT yet gone and seen hllangel's fabulous Jack/Doctor Fanvid to "I Know Him So Well," , you really need to do so. It will make your world a better place.

OMG! New, angsty/smut/sad House/Wilson fic by topaz_eyes
Hazard Pay
Further proof that House and Wilson will ALWAYS end up hurting each other.

Congratulations and Jubilations to everyone who finished their NaNoWriMo projects!
Anything Goes

Back on the sugar wagon. Still detoxing.

Dragged myself to the gym and managed to (wait for it) lock the gym locker....with the lock keys inside of it. Takes talent, people. They had to come in with lethal looking giant lock cutter thingie.


Attn: UK and BBC
What is the matter with you people?
So John exposed himself. Very briefly. ON A RADIO SHOW. He mentioned taking out his "fruit and nuts." And all hell breaks loose? WTF? Everybody knows John likes to air out "the boys" from time to time.

I am so seriously NOT GETTING IT.

It's been suggested in the discussion at barrowmanfans, that this is bad for John's attempts to position himself as a "family friendly" entertainer. REALLY?

God the hypocrisy is just mind-boggling.


Last night at the Mint, I was mostly trying to stick to songs that wouldn't strain my throat or make me start coughing. I hung with Sebastian, Daddy Dave, Bartender Brian, Todd and my buddy Donatello who gave me a DVD about his band, Jetboy and so I handed him a copy of John Barrowman Swings Cole Porter. Maybe I can get a Barrowmania conversion out of the deal. I'd been carrying it around for my friend Bob, but he hasn't shown up for a few weeks.

Count Me In-Gary Lewis and the Playboys. (Yes, they did have a few hits besides This Diamond Ring.)
Something's Happening-Herman's Hermits
Wear My Ring, Around Your Neck-Elvis Presley
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine-Jimmie Rogers. That last note is a killer.

Came home with the sushi and watched Zen Noir which we had seen a few years ago when it came out, but hubby wanted to re-watch since he's on a bit of a meditation kick right now.


I got on-line at 6:00AM to request the time off for the Squeeeee Odyssey.

Fingers crossed everybody.