December 8th, 2008

Meme a Day 2008-Day 344-Fictional Christmas Party

Ganked from lifebecomesart

My Fictional Christmas Party- You are allowed to invite ten guests to your house for Christmas this year, the catch is that they must all be fictional...literature, tv, movies, plays, radio dramas, epic poems, cereal boxes, your fictional characters can come from anywhere to your party! (As an added bonus you can stretch the 10 guest rule if any character has a companion they absolutely cannot go without).

P.S.-I've verified that it's essentially one guest per fandom, aside from the bonus rule.

Welcome to my Snark-Tastic Christmas Party-
(Please note I'm trying to balance genders, UK vs US and throw in some non-television fandoms.)

1. Dr. Gregory House-House MD
At the head of the table, no doubt bitching about everyone and everything, but doing it hilariously, while knocking back a steady flow of booze and vicodin. (Expect constant interruptions from uninvited admirers/stalkers.)

2.Dr. Owen Harper-Torchwood
Giving House a run for his money in taking the piss out of the whole concept and fighting him for most of the booze. If he brings the sex spray things could get really fun, although I keep telling him he doesn't need it. I'll also have him there in case House decides to anything more self-destructive than usual and requires medical attention.

3.Captain Jack Harkness-Dr. Who-My sneaky way of getting both Owen and Jack in without violating the rule. This would preferably be Jack in all his Empty Child/Doctor Dances con-man, omni-sexual, snarky "who looks at screwdriver and thinks this could be more sonic" glory. Bring on the flirting and the 51st century hormones.

4. Gene Hunt-Life On Mars
Sorry Sam-lovers, I want banter, not brooding. Gene will bring his flask, his appetites, and his legendary sexual prowess, along with his wit.

5. Sugarpuss O'Shea-Ball of Fire.
In case you're not familiar with this character, go rent the movie immediately or put it on your Netflix queue. This party needs some tough, funny broads to hold up their end of both the banter and the (ahem) fun and games. (You know, naked twister with Wesson Oil, that kind of thing.)

6. Holly Golightly-Breakfast At Tifanny's (Movie version.)
Not quite in the same biting category, but fully capable of getting in a good shot and bringing her awesomely quirky and glamorous self and she is an exp Besides I have a weird cross-over ship for Greg House/Holly Golightly going back to a meme a did earlier in the year.

7. Arthur and Angela Petrelli-Heroes
Let's face it, when it comes to keeping up the humor when everyone is brooding, they are the winners and although no OTP is unbreakable, they wouldn't trust each other to come alone and if they get into a tiff at the party, the snark will be epic. Violence is possible, but it's not a party without a little danger.

8.Dr. Larry Fleinhardt-Numb3rs
If you can't outsnark them, baffle them with cosmic bullshit and that wacky crime-stopping math. Larry can do all of the above and Sugarpuss has a major weakness for apparently dorky geniuses. Match made in heaven, and he is so gonna be on my team for Trivial Pursuit.

9. Nick and Nora Charles-The Thin Man-Book and Movie
The most witty and elegant couple ever.

10. Cameron Foster-State of Play
Another master of biting wit, along with British understatement.
John Obama

Hit and Run TV Babble-Heroes, Numb3rs, CSI-NY plus review of Milk

Welcome back, LJ. What the hell was that about?


How's this for a vision: Your's truly at the gym this AM trying to not lose fanfic time to working out, but not willing to give up working out either...writing fanfic while on the life-cycle. Not just thinking up plots, writing. In a notebook. Managed to finish some smutty LOM fic for a certain Christmas get-together.

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