December 26th, 2008

Big Drink

A matinee, a Pinter play, perhaps a piece of Mahler's

I'll drink to that! (And one for Mahler.)

RIP Harold Pinter: 1930-2008


Miss Eartha Kitt.

(OK, weird karaokegal note, that has nothing to do with Miss Kitt. When I was growing up, my parents had a bunch of Alan Sherman albums and the way I first knew this song was from his parody "I See Bones," which included the deathless line, "I see things in your parameceum. That belong in the British Museum." Probably also the first time I'd ever heard of the British Museum, as well.)


'Sopranos' actor 'Johnny Cakes' dead in suicide

Former firefighter John Costelloe joined HBO cast in 2006
NEW YORK - The actor who portrayed the gay lover of a closeted mobster on "The Sopranos" has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in New York, police said.

Police spokesman Lt. John Grimpel said John Costelloe was found dead in an apparent suicide at his Brooklyn home on Dec. 18.

Police were called to his residence after family members were unable to reach him.

The 47-year-old former New York City firefighter gained fame in 2006 when he was cast as short-order cook Jim "Johnny Cakes" Witowski opposite Joseph Gannascoli, who played gay mobster Vito Spatafore on the hit HBO show.

Costelloe was performing as a hustler in a theater production of "Gang of Seven" at the time of his death.

(I never finished watching the 6th season of the Sopranos on DVD mostly because I knew what was going to happen to Vito and I didn't feel like I could go through watching it.)
Rachel advocate

Happiness Meme-Day 3-Rachel Maddow

You all know about my girl-crush on Rachel and how much better this election cycle was because we had her (and Keith, et al, of course.)

From today's Tim Goodman column in the Chronicle:

The rise of Rachel Maddow

Proving that left-leaning channels oculd finally create anchors who electrify the base just as well as right-leaning channels, MSNBC found in Maddow a presence viewers glommed onto and someone who interested media writers as much as Keith Olbermann does.

Rachel in the Chron is always worth a happy post!

ETA-More happiness. The building and the Law Firm were closed. I got permission for Steve and I to go home.
SamGene NYE

Meme A Day 2008-Day 361-Yuletide Meme

Ganked from dotfic

Okay, if you can guess the yuletide stories I wrote, you get a drabble (or longer if the prompt inspires me). I wrote four stories in four different fandoms. Any further hints I can think of to give right now feel like they'll give the whole game away, so let's leave things mysterious-like. Comments are screened.

ETA-2nd challenge, even though all my fics are in different fandoms, they have one thing in common. Special bonus kudos to anyone who figures out what it is. HINT-One of the two fics I wrote last year has it in common as well.