December 27th, 2008


Happiness Meme-Day 4

Two things I'm happy about today that we watched yesterday:

Dr. Who-The Next Doctor
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Then we watched Colour Me Kubrick and right there on the screen, practically the first thing we see: BURN GORMAN!!! I was looking at hubby, going is that Burn Gorman. He (and IMDB) assured me it was. But that was only the beginning of the TW/Who-verse (and various other UK fandom) connections. We got Marc Warren (Dr. Who-Love & Monsters, LOM, Hustle and State of Play among others) Bryan Dick (Torchwood-Adam), and even Ayesha Dharker (Dr. Who-Planet of the Ood). Not to mention Richard E. Grant, Marisa Berenson, Honor Blackman and of course John Malkovich as the conman who's pretending to be Kubrick.

The movie itself was really good for the first half and then sort of petered out, but it was way fun spotting the various folks, and of course getting Burn right away when I was totally NOT expecting him was an awesome reminder that I'm going to see him in less than three weeks-SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
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Meme a Day 2008-Day 362-Ship Meme

Ganked from likeaduece

Comment with any ship from a fandom you know I like or am familiar with. I will then go on about said ship for at least one hundred words. Perhaps more! Feel free to comment with ships I like, ships I hate, or ships where my opinion is neutral or unknown. I'll be honest and diplomatic about all of them, with a bit of added flail for the OTPs. (I define 'ship' broadly, so if you want, just throw me two characters and I will talk about their real and/or hypothetical relationship).

I think my numbers are screwed up again. Who would have thought that keeping the numbers straight would be the hardest part of the whole project?