December 29th, 2008

Chris smokes

Meme a Day 2008-Day 364-The Year in First Lines Meme

Ganked from kassrachel

The first line of the first public post made each month of this year.

Even if you didn't participate, and the sight of the archive search engine gives you a case of the heebie-jeebies, this is the moment. Dynasty fans, you know what I'm thinking. What would you say are the trademarks of my writing? Title: A Night At The Opera. Tell me about your fears, whether they're of the future, or phobias, or people. Don't be shy! You can go anonymous, if you feel the need to. For my newer friends who want to check out my previous fics, everything is neatly (kind of ) organized and listed in Boxed Set 2006. Ask me a question about EACH (or, you know, whichever you can think of Stuff for) of the following. Hey you! So now we know exactly what House MD would look like if it were in fact, just a medical mystery show, and the answer is: LAME! Ever wonder if people are holding back from telling you what they really think of your writing? Continuing the food theme from yesterday.
house bitter

House drabbles-House/Wilson, Wilson/Cuddy and a few others.

The first four were written for the Music Is My Boyfriend Meme.

Title: Bad Night On a Bus
Characters: House, Wilson, Amber
Written for: hansolo5
Prompt: House/Amber, on the bus, before the crash.
Song: Oh, Lonesome Me-Bobby Darin
Rating: R-for language

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Title: A Tempting Offer
Pairing: House/Wilson (mention of Amber)
Written for: chocolate_frapp
Prompt: Butterscotch
Song: Ka Wailele Onu-uanu-Benny Chong

Collapse )

Title: Dreaming
Pairing: Wilson/Cuddy
Rating: PG13
Written for dailylilly
Song: Here's That Rainy Day-George Maharis
Prompt: Wilson/Cuddy friendship (but I think it got a little shippy.)

Takes place after Merry Little Christmas

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Crossover-House MD/Alias
Title: On Assigment
Pairing: James Wilson/Will Tippin
Written for: michelleann68
Song: If-The Bachelors
Prompt/Summary: James Wilson and Will Tippin-Location, location, location

Also available on:

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This one I wrote for aithlyn on her birthday.

Title: All Good Gifts
Characters: House/Wilson/Chase
Wordcount: 100
Rating: G
Summary: Just a post-Ep for Birthmarks, Chase POV.

Sorry for the extra cut.
jb white

Happiness Meme Day 6

Package in the mail from my beloved beta_godess containing a pillowcase (no, I'm not kidding) with an applique of Hugh Laurie as House, with scruff, smirk and gorgeous blue eyes on one side and the John Barrowman in bed picture from the Out Magazine Hot 100 (see Icon)and a note saying that now I could sleep with both of them. Yum. Yum. Yum.

How freakin' cool is that?


Way more interesting and happy-making than what I was originally going to post, which was that I got back to the gym this morning and did 30 minutes on the treadmill. Getting up at 6:00AM and out by 7:00 is a pain in the ass, but any day I work out is better than one I don't.

However, there is this little there I was just out of the shower, naked and wet (get your minds out of the gutter) and this woman trying to get into her locker, asks me if I'm good with locks. I gave it a try and it didn't open, but I got it on the second go round, but it's always weird when anyone talks to you when you're naked, even more so when they ask you to open their lock for them.