April 12th, 2009

Anything Goes

Peta Schmeta-Check out this bullshit!

I'm sure I'm late to the party, but in case you haven't heard yet:

Amazon.com is pulling sales ranks for GLBT products, with the excuse that they're "adult content" and thus inappropriate to be listed on the best sellers pages.

Read all about it at hllangel's post HERE containing links to more information.

ETA-Relative to Barrowmania-this affects John's autobiography as far as the rankings for paperback edition on Amazon.UK although US is still showing rankings for both the paperback and hardcover, although hardcover is showing not available. (See comments for further discussion.)

I'm trying to figure out who the hell could have got to them and why and why it's happening NOW?

Obviously this already a major issue and being blogged and twitted about all over the place. I'm hoping by tomorrow Keith or more likely Rachel will be all up in their face about it and they'll have to back down. (Hey, Keith beat Wal-mart that one time. It could happen.)

Hubby has sent an email saying he will not be using their services until the policy is reversed, and that was hard because he buys a lot of stuff from them.

ETA-Update from hllangel. More information, links etc.
simm coat

Song Lyric Prompt-a-Day 2009 Day # 101

Prompts can be used for any fandom, pairing, or even original fic, if you like. (Yes, any.) All I ask is that you credit me with providing the prompt and comment with a link to the entry.

Prompt #101

Well the first days are the hardest days,
Don't you worry any more,
Cause when life looks like easy
Street, there is danger at your door.

Uncle John's Band-The Grateful Dead
Music by Jerry Garcia. Lyrics by Robert Hunter
From the album Workingman's Dead

Karaoke day

Sebastian's back from Mexico! It was one of our quieter Sundays for a LONG TIME, maybe because of Easter.

I hung with Sebastian, Todd, Brendan, Giovanni (YAY GIOVANNI!). He found cute little stuffed Easter Lamb on the street and gave it to me. (Cause I don't have enough stuffed animals.) Very cute young guy named David. OMG, I'm turning into SUCH A COUGAR. Somebody please make me a cougar icon.

I think the problem is that after a lifetime of the "older man" fetish, I'm now so old that "older men" are a bit too old, and the age that used to be acceptably older is now sometimes younger than I am now.

Giovanni and I are planning to get matching Cougar t-shirts. I guess guys aren't really cougars. If they're gay, they're chickenhawks and if they're straight...I don't know what the insulting phrase is.

Anyway, lovely day. Since the Sushi restaurant was closed I went to Safeway. Made Hubby his favorite dinner: Steak and Corn. No steak for me. :( I love it, but red meat is a sugar trigger and so far so good on the sugar front.

Song list-
Jealousy-Billy Fury
All About You-McFly
Sex Bomb-Tom Jones (Cause nothing says "Sex Bomb" like a Hawaiian shirt and ugly red Crocs.)
Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart-Gene Pitney
Is This the Way to Amarillo-Tony Christie