May 3rd, 2009

Half in the rain

I don't deserve my friends.

On Friday, I texted Ivan asking if he'd book a "City Car Share" car and help me steal a TV set, which he actually agreed to do. We went over to Psycho-sis' apartment yesterday and grabbed the TV set to bring over to the board and care. Said set does not have an antenna so I told them to figure out what it would take to get her hooked up and just tell me how much and I'd write a check. Haven't heard back so far.

The point being that Ivan has his own stuff going on, with papers due and everything and he still came out and helped me the same way that Jean did on Wednesday.

Then there's whoever sent me a Dreamwidth code via a LJ PM. I'm not sure who they are or why they sent me one, but I appreciate it, even though I'm still dubious about the actual need. However considering the amount of "OMG LJ IS GOING UNDER!" talk that has ensued recently, and the amount of fic I ONLY have posted to LJ, it couldn't hurt. I have set up an account under karaokegal, but unless you've decided to abandon LJ altogether, you might as well keep reading and commenting here.

Thanks to the lovely folks who've been kind enough to do beta for me lately. severinne, amproof, and mak_jaks. Also filthgoblin who was willing, but I didn't want to be more of a beta-slut than utterly necessary.

All of you who've been reading the hubby saga and sending comments, emails and good wishes. You guys totally rock, and seriously, I do NOT deserve you.