May 22nd, 2009


Moving day for Psycho-sis, the drama continues

I saw her last night and she looked really bad. Basically she's been living on Ensure since she got to the board and care and she's pretty much wasting away. She looked like a Keane painting. I brought her money and a duffle to pack up some of her stuff, but it sounds like I'll have have to go over tomorrow and get most of her clothes, the walker and probably the TV set, because the transport won't handle any of it. I'm just hoping that there's at least one social worker with her to do something in terms of getting her settled in today, including probably some dish-washing.

Then we just have to get the Vitalert thing set up and really hope she doesn't fall down and end up in the hospital again, because after that, the next stop is going to be a real nursing home, and that's pretty much the end of the line.

UPDATE:::::!!!!! SON OF A MOTHER-FUCKING BITCH!!!! I just heard from the guy who owns the board and care and he's demanding another month's rent because we didn't give 30 days notice that she was leaving. I have no idea if anyone actually signed any documents saying that that's the case. Considering that she did have another fall while she was there and that they didn't seem to be providing any food she could (or would) eat, I'm not inclined to do anything we don't absolutely have to. Most of these decisions were made with little imput from me because she was already in the hospital from the previous fall when hubby had the accident.

I called hubby and told him about the demand and his answer was "Screw 'em."

Not doing or pimping the Anonymous Fanfic Criticism Meme. (If you want to do it, I'm sure it'll be all over your F-list.) The last time around it turned out to be about the alleged "bashing" or the fluff vs angst, as opposed my actual writing. Look, I enjoy sycophantic adulation as much as anyone, but all my fics are open for concrit. Come on over, have a soda (your favorite flavour, cherry red) and tell me specifically what you think is wrong on an individual story. Anonymous commenting is permitted on my LJ, but I'm increasingly of the opinion that it has less merit than someone who's willing to use their own username and tell me exactly what's wrong with the writing itself.

The performance review is on hold until next week. Goody Goody!


hllangel is coming up this weekend, to hang out a little and do some Karaoke!

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Governor's budget puts lives in danger. Speak out to protect HIV fundings now

Email from Mark Cloutier-San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

On Wednesday, I alerted you to Governor Schwarzenegger’s proposal to eliminate the State’s HIV prevention and education funding.

This morning, the news is far bleaker. The Governor has released a plan to end HIV/AIDS treatment for nearly 35,000 Californians, our neighbors who rely on the AIDS Drug Assistance Program for life-saving medication, eradicating years of progress against HIV and putting lives at risk.

The plan goes on to remove State support for HIV testing, AIDS education in schools, rural HIV prevention programs, and funds that provide housing to people living with AIDS. The budget will slash health insurance for low-income families, devastate family planning, and terminate in-home supportive services for the elderly and disabled.

In this climate, we cannot be silent.

The budget is woefully short-sighted, robbing the State of hundreds of millions of dollars in federal support. If California fails to deliver on its commitments, Washington, D.C. will deny our matching funds, jeopardizing virtually every federal benefit that supports the health of people living with HIV and irrevocably altering our capacity to prevent new infections.

This budget will have an unimaginable effect on the health of hundreds and thousands of Californians.

There is no time to waste. I urge you to contact the Governor and your State Senator and Assembly member who are making these painful decisions now. Everyone at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation—our clients, volunteers and staff—is grateful that you are speaking out in this crisis.

With profound thanks,


Mark Cloutier
San Francisco AIDS Foundation

"Some Comfort" House MD Wilson/Chase Wordcount-300 Rating-PG13

Title: Some Comfort
Fandom: House MD
Pairing: Wilson/Chase (references to Wilson/Amber, Chase/Cameron)
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 300
Notes: Written for mmom, Day 22. Prompt from vanillafully: Chase: Altarboy, angel, slut. Thanks to hllangel for quickie beta. References to Seasons 2, 3, and 4. NO SEASON FIVE SPOILERS.

Summary: Wilson breaks his own rules.

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