May 23rd, 2009

fatuous lunatic

Stupid mother-fucking flies!

My apartment is full of flies. I'm not sure exactly when this happened or why I didn't notice, but now that hubby is home, it's really bugging me. I want them out of here. Preferably dead.
So I went to Walgreens this morning looking for the No-Pest Strips. You know, the white plastic thingies with the yellow stuff inside? Walgreens at 16th/Mission didn't have any. They suggested I try the $1.00 story next door. All they had were the stickie paper things. The ones that stick to everything, except the places where you really want them, and have an especially nasty habit of managing to adhere to my hair every time I'm within a two inch proximity. MY HAIR!!!! If you know me and my hair, you know that this is a very serious issue.

I went to Cliffs and they didn't have it either. They guy there didn't even know what I was talking about. I know these things exist because I have an old one lying on the floor in the bathroom.

Walgreens on Castro had the longer, slightly better sticky thing, but still not what I want.

However I got all the glue out of my hair.

Die flies, Die!
STFU Ianto

hllangel is a goddess!

She was kind enough to come into the City today and help me pick up Hubby's meds, as well as getting Psycho-sis' stuff back from the board and care to her apartment. This in spite of the complete insanity involved in driving around San Francisco and the utter lack of parking spaces.

Despite the one instance of pure evil, I'm still blessed to have an amazing group on my F-list, and some truly awesome people who have also become RL friends.