June 4th, 2009

Rachel Bull Pucky

And in other medical news....Psycho-sis is back in the hospital

When I went there last week to drop money, I knew she didn't look good and she said she couldn't get up, but I thought that meant she couldn't really stand up or walk, but that she could get from the couch to the wheelchair. Apparently not. I'm now second guessing the decision to move her back to the apartment, but according to Hubby, the visiting nurse agreed that it was the best thing to do. On the other hand, the social worker was very much against it. I'm very frustrated and still a little angry that I was in the position of doing anything at all.

So the deal is that they're going to get her into a program at Laguna Honda where they'll do some rehab for the deterioration she suffered at the board and care and hopefully at least get her able to stand and walk a little. Honestly, I don't know what's going on.


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Dewey Decimal Meme

In honor of my mother the (retired) children's librarian.

Ganked from lifebecomesart

I think this actually fits well.

karaokegal's Dewey Decimal Section:

842 French drama

karaokegal = 1181515712 = 118+151+571+2 = 842

800 Literature

Literature, criticism, analysis of classic writing and mythology.

What it says about you:
You're a global, worldly person who wants to make a big impact with your actions. You have a lot to tell people and you're good at making unique observations about everyday experiences. You can notice and remember details that other people think aren't important.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at Spacefem.com


Wanna buy a dirty book?

The Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions

This is the anthology I sold some smut too all those many moons ago. It has now seen the light of day, if anyone is interested.

My "nom de plume" for this epic is "Kitty," although there is absolutely nothing "On the beach" about the piece I wrote, so that's completely screwed up in the ad copy. My contribution is titled: "Getting The Job," or at least it was when I wrote it.

I really do need to look into selling something else, somewhere. I mean if I can (ahem) crank out 31 wank!fics, I ought to be able to meet submission requirements for something else.

Meanwhile...back to work on the novel...except there's two gift fics I have to get done, but I think I can make serious headway this weekend.
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Barrowman News

From: Gillian <gillian@johnbarrowman.com>
Date: Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 12:06 PM
Subject: [OfficialBarrowmanNews] Urgent Torchsong News. John unable to attend
To: OfficialBarrowmanNews@yahoogroups.com

Unfortunately, John has sustained an injury and is no longer able to attend the Torchsong convention in Chicago this weekend as he is not allowed to fly. Please see the statement below from John's manager:

It is with great regret that I have to announce that John Barrowman is not able to attend Torchsong Chicago. John sustained a very nasty injury to his left ankle yesterday. An MRI scan has confirmed that he has completely ruptured all the ligaments around his ankle. He cannot bear any weight on his foot and the doctor has said he is not medically fit to undertake long distance flights or his planned work. He must rest at home with his foot elevated for much of the time.

The plan is for John to do a video link with Torchsong. He is upset not to be able to come and enjoy the weekend with you all. He sends his love and best wishes to you all.

Gavin Barker.

We know this news will be a huge disappointment to those of you attending Torchsong and John and his manager are in contact with Mary Lee Holzheimer on the matter. Please bear with us and watch the Torchsong site for further news from the convention organisers. We will announce any further information as soon as we get it.


I feel horrible for the folks who put in major moolah in the hopes of actually getting real face-time with the man himself and I feel really bad for John.

Scott and the doggies must be happy to have him at home, but since he's now in a similar position (literally) to my husband, I know how sucky the situation is.

I suspect this means he wouldn't be able to make Comic-con either, and I feel bad for anyone whose plans to go down there were John-centric.
All Out of Love

More news

The Torchsong organisers have sent us the following message:

Hello everyone

Please take a deep breath! John Barrowman will be joining us, just not
in person. He was badly injured as was stated on his website, but being the trooper
that he is, he will join us via SkyChat.

We have tried to post this to the site, but the server has crashed due to heavy traffic.

John is working on pulling together a great cabaret and show for those
of you coming Saturday night.

He will also be talking Saturday and Sunday at the show. He will he able
to take questions and answer them directly. The feed is two-way and he will know
who is asking those questions.

We hope you all will join us for this exciting event.


I'm sure they're trying hard, but the bottom line is going to be a lot of people who are now going to have paid some big bucks to see John on a TV screen. Or maybe a movie screen, but still...
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Song Lyric Prompt-a-Day 2009 Day 156

Prompts can be used for any fandom, pairing, or even original fic, if you like. (Yes, any.) All I ask is that you credit me with providing the prompt and comment with a link to the entry.

(Thanks to speccygeekgrrl for the link and the lyrics.)

Prompt #156

We treat mishaps like sinking ships and
I know that I don't want to be out to drift
Well I can see it in your eyes like I taste your lips and
They both tell me that we're better than this

Little Hotel-Modest Mouse
Written by Isaac Brock and Modest Mouse.
From the album We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank