June 29th, 2009


Hubby scheduled for back to work at the end of August!

Still two months away but a light at the end of the tunnel. He's not on full weight bearing yet, but is allowed to "steady himself" if necessary. Whew!

I'd like to think about dragging my rapidly expanding carcass back to the gym, except I just found out that the Crunch on Sansome street has closed. I had never quite gotten around to quitting my Crunch membership which I'd been promising to do to save money in the face of the pay cut.

1. Start going to the Crunch on New Montgomery-About a 20 minute walk from the office
2. Quit Crunch all together. See if 24 Hour will give me a good deal. There's one very close to the office.
3. Quit Crunch all together. Join Gold's on Upper Market. It's not near the office, but it's reasonably close to my apartment. My friend Peggy works there and I could finally take classes with her when I have vacations without having to beg a pass.
4. Quit Crunch. Do not join another gym. Start walking on my lunch breaks, like I keep promising too. Next week, the LJ vacation might be a good chance to implement this, as I will not have as much of an excuse to be glued to my chair.

I did manage 6 miles yesterday in nearly two hours. It was warm enough to go shorts and short sleeves, which meant lots of sun block and lots of Aquaphor to avoid chafing.


The Mint last night was awesome. Even though there was a big Pride crowd, I still got to sing three times in four hours, which isn't half bad. Sharon and Leeanne showed up for the first time a long, long time. (OMG-Leeanne was so drunk) Sebastian, Yanni, Jim, Donatello, Jacqui, Marsha, Vince, Daddy Dave, Jim the bartender. Lots of fun.

Actually, it kind of felt like the whole town was drunk and over-heated, which made me worry that everyone was going to be in that drunk, over-heated state where you end up feeling sick and cranky and having a horrible fight with your girlfriend or boyfriend, Pride Day becomes the day you broke up. How sucky would that be?

My songs were: Can't Smile Without You-Barry Manilow, Millennium-Robbie Williams, Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You-Four Seasons.

Last week it was dying superstars, this week so far it's dying not-so-superstars.
#1-Billy Mays
#2-Fred Travelena

OK, I could care less about Billy Mays, but I loved Fred Travelena. I've always have a thing for impressionists. John Byner, Kevin Pollack, Rich Little (back in the day), the guy who does impressions down at Fishermans's Wharf and OMG Frank Gorshin (RIP), and totally Fred Travelena.

Any bets on the next semi-celeb to shuffle off this mortal coil?
Hot well written

Song Lyric Prompt-a-Day 2009 Day 181

Prompts can be used for any fandom, pairing, or even original fic, if you like. (Yes, any.) All I ask is that you credit me with providing the prompt and comment with a link to the entry.

Prompt #181

When a girl gets coy, in front of a boy,
After three or four dances…
Ah… you can just bet, she’ll play hard to get,
To multiply her chances!

Multiplication-Bobby Darin
Music and Lyrics by Bobby Darin