August 11th, 2009

Why am I wearing pink?

I hate this shirt. It's the replacement shirt I bought at "Out of the Closet" the day I puked on myself during a teeth cleaning last year. It looks a bit like a pajama top, and I've more or less sworn off pink since I became a redhead anyway. I mean it's a salmon-y pink and not a hot-pink but it's still pink and I should not be wearing it.

Walked to work, came in 9 minutes late. Debra doesn't seem to care. I don't care.

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RIP-Eunice Shriver.

The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Pimp Post


Life Changes by filthgoblin

One of the pairings that has been woefully under-represented in Torchwood fic is Jack/Rhys. After their interactions in Meat, we should have had way more follow up to the "very homoerotic" connection between them.

filthgoblin has written a very hot little piece of smut that also gives a lot of insight into both Jack and Rhys' characters. Go. Read. Give love. (Look out for a real kick-in-the-guts KEL as well.)

Punch, Bruise, Embrace by laurab1

SOB-My beloved lost TW OTP of Jack/Owen is back for a drabble. With Song Lyric Prompt to boot.


Life on Mars

The Open Door by severinne

OH. MY. GOD. Hot and dirty sex in a public loo with Sam and two anonymous blokes. I can't even tell you how many of my kink buttons get pushed in this one.


Star Trek-Reboot

Recruitment by severinne

I know what you're thinking. Why don't we just get a hotel room? What can I say...she writes smut like it's made for me. This is the first fic in the Nu-Trek universe that I've read. I haven't delved into K/S because I'm still not sure I see Pine/Quinto as my Kirk/Spock, but the movie's Pike and McCoy were spot on and I truly loved the anger and hints of self-loathing in Karl Urban's performance. All of that is beautifully utilized in this fic. And did I mention...HOT!!!

House MD

One and One and One is Three by daasgrrl

What have we here? A gen fic? In my pimp post? Shocking.

Although I honestly didn't feel like this was Gen when I was reading it because it had a world of emotion between House and Wilson and to me that relationship, even as a friendship will never be purely "gen."

Post season five fic with a very creepy vibe and quite a kick at the end.



A Noah/Nathan drabble written for me by speccygeekgrrl in the drabble meme.

Dudes! Noah/Nathan. Dancing. Angst. What's not to like?
banned bum

Children of Earth-A View from outside the bubble #3

These are reactions from Debra, who has only seen CoE. No previous Who or TW exposure. No idea about Jack's backstory. She's one of my Barrowmania converts through his pictures, music and the DVD of Putting It Together.

I gave her the questions, somewhat tweaked to avoid the stuff that would only apply if she'd seen the Who or Torchwood before. (If anyone thinks I'm doing this only to highlight people who agree with me, they need to read A View From Outside the Bubble #1)

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