September 28th, 2009


Happy House Day!

Gmail party is on for tonight.

Am I really, horribly shadow for feeling that the super short hair is NOT showing off Hugh to his best advantage as well as it should. Maybe it's symbolic of the change that House is suppose to be going through, but considering how much frothing Hugh-lust I've had during past seasons, especially 1 and 2, I'm sincerely hoping for a return to form. I'm the same way with RSL. I want Wilson to look the way he did when I first fell in love with him too. Also, if Hugh's hair is that short, it's going to be harder to hide the bald spot in the unlikely event the camera gets up there.


Weekend wrap up

Saturday was blazing hot. Maui hot. Short sleeves hot. We went to Samovar for brunch. I had the Ginger Quinoa Waffle. (OMG!!!) Then I went for my mammogram. No biggie. They didn't bother putting me in a dressing room first, which was fine with me. I'm've seen a zillion of these, I don't need the robe, let's do it.

Then I took the #1 California back, which was weird. I expected it would make a stop at Fillmore and California, at which point I would jump on the 22 and head back to the Mission. Instead we went around Robin Hood's Barn and ended up down at the Embarcadero (where I am right now). No biggie. I just took BART home and stopped off at Walgreens to re-order my pills.

Hubby and I did our best to chill until 645PM, when we went to the Roxie. The noir festival was still on, but we went to see Always Been a Rambler a really nice documentary about The New Lost City Ramblers, which included great footage both vintage and recent of some of the great musicians. (Parts were filmed at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival, two years ago.)
The movie was being shown with an older, shorter film featuring a lot of the same people, and we were surprised to see Jody Stecher, who has been Hubby's mandolin and fiddle teacher. (Hubby gave up on the fiddle after the famous Skateboard Incident of a few years back. He can't really bend his wrist the right way anymore.)

Sunday we did more cleaning, with the usual results.

I had a really nice afternoon at the Mint with Peggy, Sebastian, David (in leather...mrrrrow), Daddy Dave, Giovanni and this one really gross couple, who were taking their Folson Street PDA to a more exhibitionistic level than I really appreciated, only because the whole thing seemed so contrived, including the hand-cuffs.

David had the best line of the day, when he announced: "My balls always feel so good when I wear leather."

Thanks for sharing, sweetie!

Before I left the house, I was chatting to filthgoblin,and she asked me to sing "Delilah." I LOVE singing Tom Jones, but haven't done that one very often.

It came out really well, although there's something unnerving about leading a sing-along chorus to a song about killing your unfaithful lover.

The rest of my songs:
Rocky Top-Traditional
It's My Life-The Animals
All About You-McFly
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me-Dusty Springfield

Came home with the sushi and watched Tivo'ed goodies until beddy bye time.