September 30th, 2009

Company Time

Have I done a work rant lately? Have you missed them?

It would be a lot easier to do my job if people would provide me with pertinent information, so I don't end up looking like a prat!

#1-Attorney from OTHER LAW FIRM has me book a hotel reservation at one of our preferred hotels, using our rate, for a meeting being sponsored by one of the attorneys at my LAW FIRM.

A few days prior to arrival, I email the sales rep to try and get an upgrade or amenity for said client, to give him a nicer experience, make the LAW FIRM and the AGENCY look good, etc.

I get an email back from the hotel saying that the reservation was canceled back on September 21st. I start freaking out, thinking that someone is canceling my reservations without telling me and that I might need to get it reinstated.

Called the admin and it turns out that YES...he did call and cancel his own reservation directly with the hotel and nobody bothered to tell me.

#2-BIG IMPORTANT VIP HONCHO (with major entitlement issues) has his admin call me to book Business Class seat on flight from LAX to JFK, even though it's a Firm Charge and therefore NOT supposed to be in Business Class. He also has me book some other flights, one of which comes up in a nice discounted First Class for the same as coach. He's happy about that, but still needs approval for the Business Class. I put in the request for an approval and don't hear back.

The computer tells me I have until today (this was booked yesterday) and I go home assuming I'll get my approval in the AM and everything will be ducky.

Admin calls me this AM to see what's happening...and all the air space has been canceled. AND the flight with the discounted First Class is now completely sold out except for a full First Class Fare.

I start freaking out. Yes, I do that a lot. I email the United Help Desk and DEMAND that they either reinstate my space or give me a waiver for the lower fare because they had no right to cancel the space before the ticketing deadline.

They proceed to send me an email showing that the client was holding duplicate space on the flight and they had every right to cancel it on those grounds.

I call the admin and all of sudden she remembers that the BIG GUY'S wife was holding mileage ticket reservations for personal travel etc etc etc.

At least I was able to get the LAX-JFK space back, but as for the one I freaked out over...NEVER MIND!

Really people. A little communication! Like it says in the song.

At least we're getting another 5% of the 15% paycut rolled back.
love banana

Fuckety fuckety fuck!

I managed to let my Sendspace account expire. AGAIN. I know. Takes talent.

I'll get everything re-uploaded, eventually, but if you try to download one of the songs, either for song-lyric prompt of one of the memes or anything else I've posted and it doesn't work, please let me know immediately and I'll get a new link out to you.

Song Lyric Prompt-a-Day 2009 Day 257

Prompts can be used for any fandom, pairing, or even original fic, if you like. (Yes, any.) All I ask is that you credit me with providing the prompt and comment with a link to the entry.

Prompt #257

Oh I’d rather walk a winding road
Rather know the things I know
See the world with my own eyes
No regrets, no looking back, no goodbyes.

A Place Called Home-Kim Richey
Written by Kim Richey
From the album The Collection
Jack Nine hug

RIP William Safire

William Safire Obituary

Even though he was a Republican and fairly conservative (NOT a hard-core religious right conservative) I absolutely adored his On Languague column and still own several of the collections of the columns. He had a great ability to make English accesible, and make me laugh, and often teach me things about the world and politics that I didn't already know.

Sometimes when I have writers block, I'll pull out one of his books to get a feeling for how much fun the language can be.

He will be missed.