November 21st, 2009

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Quote My Fic Meme

Ganked from leiascully

Quote a bit of my writing at me! Find that one story of mine that you really like, and pull a sentence or paragraph or section out that makes you shiver. Comment here with it, no matter how long or short it is.

Song Lyric Prompt-a-Day 2009 Day 310

Prompts can be used for any fandom, pairing, or even original fic, if you like. (Yes, any.) All I ask is that you credit me with providing the prompt and comment with a link to the entry.

Prompt #310

Viva forever, I'll be waiting
Everlasting, like the sun
Live forever,
For the moment
Ever searching for the one.

Viva Forever-The Spice Girls
Written by the Spice Girls, Richard Stannard and Matthew Rowe
From the album Spiceworld