January 19th, 2010


Possible US version of Torchwood?

In case you haven't heard Fox readying U.S. version of 'Torchwood'

I'm about to have to be a bit hypocritical here, because most of you are pretty familiar with my OH HELL NO!!! HOLD MY BREATH TILL I TURN BLUE!!! HATE HATE HATE!!! for most US attempts to re-do British shows, especially Life On Mars and State of Play, but also Coupling and even Cracker.


If you give me John Barrowman as Jack, especially in the United States with a brand new team to work with???? I'm there, kids. I am totally there. Mostly because DUDE!!! It's Jack!!! And because Barrowman working in the US means the possibility of Barrowman doing a real concert in North America, not just crap like Ego-Fest, but a real live show. YUM YUM YUM!!!

Also, you gotta admit there's no way in hell that Fox or any other US Network would have the slightest interest in using either Eve or GDL. I'll miss Gwen, but this would effectively leave the coffee-baggers out in cold, and I'm willing to say goodbye to Gwen, Rhys et al to accomplish that.

My dream is Jack comes to America to start up a new Torchwood and gets a cast full of Pretty Pretty Boys and Girls to work with. We get de-facto real!Jack. What's not to like?

I've been trying to decide if my new computer password should be Torchwood related or not...I went back to using TW password after various people started spilling the beans that there would be Series 4, but then I got worried that someone at BBC would actually give in to the harrassment and and ruin everything. Now I'm feeling pretty hopeful again. So Torchwood password-here we go.

Thank You, recrudescence

I loved all the goodies in my "gift package" but I'm especially enjoying the socks right now. They are adorable and very comfortable, since my footsies got soaked this morning in the rain.