January 29th, 2010


What Do You Want Me To Write Meme

Ganked from remindmeofthe

If you could have me write a story specifically for you, what would it be like? Fandom, characters/pairing, genre, plot elements, kinks (if applicable): what's your ideal story? from me?

Just for curiosity's sake. Not promising any actual stories or snippets.
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Company Time

Another bullet dodged! (And some Hubby news.)

20+ years in this miserable business and there's this moron reflex which causes me to make the same stupid mistake over and over.

Actually it was two stupid mistakes. First I accidentally voided a ticket that I shouldn't have. Then I when I found out, I tried to rebook the space immediately. Naturally one of the flights was no longer available at the discounted rate AND I managed to lose the premium economy seats that the client had already paid extra for.

Did I mention that this was PERSONAL travel? That means all of these charges, including the more expensive ticket would show up on the client's personal credit card.

God protects drunks, fools and travel agents (as my father used to say) so I sent a very grovelly email to our GEMS desk and the Goddess who works there managed to get EVERYTHING fixed. The void ticket was reinstated, the flights were re-booked in the correct class of service and the premium economy seats were restored as well.


P.S. Feeling much better. Thanks to all the folks who sent good wishes and to rustydog for the lovely virtual chicken soup.


In some Hubby news, he's home right now...baking bread. As part of his Zen practice, he's gotten very interested in the whole Tassajara Bread Book thing and I'll get to taste the results when I get home.

He's also gotten to the point in knitting his first pair of socks when he needs to do something about the heel, so he's got an appointment at Imagiknit on Saturday for something to give him a bit of tutoring on the subject.

He's very excited about both of these projects. Presumably, I should take pictures of both outcomes when they're deemed viewable by the public.

We're probably going to the movies sometime this weekend. Any suggestions?
Special Hell

Oh, the irony!

From this month's Travel Agency Bulletin in the "Applause" section, which prints "Fan Letters" from clients:

“Karaokegal is the best!! Karaokegal is professional and proficient and highly skilled. Karaokegal is also personable which makes my arranging travel run more smoothly. Karaokegal has been providing my travel needs from the beginning (almost 8 years with Law Firm). I know when I call The Travel Agency I can jump right into what I need and where I need to go, and she takes me there quickly. She also provides the extras that go along way when the need arise. She's truly the best!!”
–Happy Admin- Legal Assistant, The Law Firm