February 7th, 2010

Half in the rain

Kaiser Permanente 1/2 Marathon

Official Chip Time-3:45:34
I came in 6036 out of 6080.

I'll be honest, my time is pathetic, even for me, and it was one of the most brutal 1/2 Marathons I've done.

The weather was perfect and the course is mostly flat, but I just wasn't ready. I hadn't done a long enough long run during training, my food the last three weeks has been a disaster and I should have bought a new pair of running shoes a few months back.

I finished, but I was in pain from almost the 6th or 7th mile and that last chunk on the Great Highway excruciating as well as tedious. Big blister on my right foot, so I limped most of the last few miles as well. I'm major twinges in my left leg. I don't even want to think how it's going to be going down stairs tomorrow.

Ouch, ouch, ouch.

But I finished and I'm determined to do another one and get my time back under 3:30.

The Saints won?

They actually pulled it off? Holy. Fucking. Shit.

I hadn't even bothered checking until now because I was so sure they were going to lose.

I sang "King Creole" as support so I guess it worked. :)

(Also did Gudbye T' Jane because I have it on a Sunfly disk and I love singing songs that absolutely nobody at the bar except Daddy Dave and I know.)

Rachel and Melissa are gonna be so happy.

Congratulations to the Saints and their fans!