February 18th, 2010

Big Drink

This is irresistable!

Thanks to thecolourclear for bringing this to my attention.

A Ficathon Walks Into A Bar

Signups: 15 February to 24 February
Prompts Distributed: By 28 February
Stories Due: 31 March
Masterlist Posted: Early April

You pick a character, then you pick up to four other fandoms, and the mod of awesomeness will, with the rolls of a dice, select a fandom and a character from said fandom for you to meet in a bar with your character. And then you write at least 500 words on it by the end of March. People should sign up; it sounds like ridiculous fun.

Dreamwidth Link
LJ Link

You can sign up on either one.

Brooding Clive

Magical thinking

We were without internet access in the apartment for five days. Since it started on the Friday of the three-day weekend, the new modem didn't go out until Tuesday and therefore didn't get here till yesterday.

When I got home last night, everything was set up and wonderful. Within a half-hour my husband had burned himself making pasta. Really bad burn. Blisters and everything.

I immediately decided that this was the Internet Gods demanded a sacrifice for giving my internet junkie self her fix back.

I walked to work this morning and was of course on the search for the dog of the day. I found a lovely poodle named Willa, but somehow none of the shots looked good to me, and I ended up deleting them and going in search of a different dog. This is sort of a violation of the rules I've established for myself doing the project. The rule is to get the first dog I encounter that I can reasonably photograph.

When I got to Walgreens to pick up some soy milk for my breakfast (I'm three days into another sugar detox) I discovered that I didn't have any cash or my ATM on my person and ended up using my credit card for a $3.00 purchase.

On my lunch break I went home to look for the card in the pocket of the pants I was wearing yesterday and didn't find it. Or the cash I was sure I'd had in my pocketbook when I left this morning.

I couldn't decide if the missing ATM card was my part of the sacrifice to get my internet back or a punishment for breaking the rules of the dog project.

After work I went up to California Pacific Medical Center to visit franklefkin who is toddyboi's partner, who's had some major surgery. Hubby has a theory/motto that a real friend is someone who will visit you in the hospital. toddyboi came to visit Hubby during at least one of the broken leg convalescence periods, so I felt it was very much owed.franklefkin had a pretty good time chatting. Turns out we have a lot of "six degrees" in common in the San Francisco travel industry.

As soon as I got home, I found my ATM card in the skirt I wore on Tuesday, and immediately decided I was being rewarded for doing a good deed.

This is no way to live.
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