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February 20th, 2010

Luna on Guerrero btw 16th & 17th

Two missions today

1. New running shoes.
2. Go to Castro and vote Emma Peel for Empress.
Check her out here and come vote:


My shoes are not random

Thanks to everybody who offered advice and to Patrick at Sports Basement (and hubby for having given me a Sports Basement gift certificate for Christmas.)

I am now the proud own of two pairs of Asics Gel-Foundations

It was still hard buying something besides New Balance, but Patrick assured me it's not just me, and New Balance has made some changes which could have led to my most recent unpleasant result, although a lot of that was probably just me waiting too long to buy new running shoes.

The plan is to get back onto the treadmill on Monday and hit the gym at least three days next week with a long run of about 3-4 miles on Sunday. If that isn't a complete disaster, I might sign up for the Emerald Across the Bay 12-K. I have to give this serious consideration because while I love the run, there is a very gnarly hill involved.

Before going to Sports Basement, I went to Castro Street and cast my first ever San Francisco Imperial Court vote for Emma Peel. Afterwards I went to Safeway to stock up on fruits, veggies, Lean Cuisines etc. I'm five days out of the last binge and feeling fairly good, but weekends are always dangerous, especially since tomorrow is HAIR DAY!!!

Concert last night

Part of the San Francisco Bluegrass & Old-Time Festival

I love going to the SFBOT shows at Noe Valley. It's a nice intimate space and it's full seating, since it's a church. However, planning stuff for Fridays is always dicey because I could always get stuck late at work. Like I did last night. I ended up leaving the office at 7PM and having to get a cab out of the Financial District. On a Friday Night. I lucked out. Made a deal with a girl who was looking for one near Le Meridien. We worked together and shared the cab with another friend of hers who turned up. Fine with me. Although hearing about Girl #1's very expensive wedding plans and Girl #2's newly purchased house and upcoming trip to Maui made me feel a bit downtrodden in a class-warfare kind of way.

I got to Noe Valley and had to kind of push my in to get to where Hubby and our friend Charlotte were already inside with the tickets waiting to be let inside.

The line-up was Jackstraw, The Crooked Jades and Black Crown String Band.

Black Crown String Band opened and they were very good. Very ol' skool blue-grass, classic line-up with a great female fiddle player and kick-ass bass-player.

The Crooked Jades played 2nd, although they probably should have had the closing spot. I like them, but they have a very laid-back vibe, although Jeff Kazor is a total rock star at least in the Bluegrass/Old Time circles. It was great to see Lisa Berman playing banjo and dobrow. She usually plays with the Stairwell Sisters and I haven't seen them for awhile.

After the Crooked Jades finished, about a third of the audience left and took most of the energy in the room with them. Jackstraw were playing awesome classic, fast-paced bluegrass, but it just felt like the audience couldn't give them the enthusiasm they deserved.

Jackstraw's mandolin player was the spitting image of Daddy Dave from the Mint, only taller and with a soul patch. The banjo player look a bit like the Mario Brothers, but had the super-chilled out cool bass-player vibe.

It's also fun to see just how casual the bands are about who's in the line-up on any given night. Jackstraw was missing their lead singer and The Crooked Jades had various people from other bands sitting in.

It was a great show, but I probably would have enjoyed it more if it were tonight and I wasn't coming straight from work.

Hubby bought a shit-load of CD's so if anyone's interested, I can put some music up.

The best thing about the show was finding out that the George Cole Quintet is playing at Noe Valley in two weeks. VERY EXCITED! They're playing to celebrate Django Reinhardt's centenray with a band called Fishtank Ensemble and it all sounds amazingly cool.

Check this out:

Info about upcoming concert and Fishtank EnsembleCollapse )

Pimping The Tardis Bigbang

For you crazy, amazing people who can write the BIG STUFF!!!

20,000 words!!!

Author Signups: Feb 17 - Feb 28
Check-in 1: Apr 18
Check-in 2: May 9
Art signups: May 16 - June 6
Drafts due: June 6
Art Assignments go out: June 6 - 13
Everything due: July 11

Tardis Bigbang Sign-Up


Pimping the Taub-fest.

I'm warming up to the fellow...verrrrry sllllloooooowwwwwwly, but I know there are people who love him.



Sign-ups open



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