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February 25th, 2010

Back into the fray!

I think it's no secret how much I love Keith Olbermann. I especially love his Special Comments and his passionate intensity about the issues that matter to him.

However, I'm going to say that I think last night was too much:

WARNINGS: This may be extremely uncomfortable for anyone with medical squicks and possibly triggering for those who've been through end-of-life medical situations with loved ones.

Again, I love Keith. I thought the one hour Special Comment where he tied his father's situation into the Health Care Reform debate was perfect and on-point.

This one, is just too personal and not quite hitting the mark for the debate itself. I understand the anger against the "death panel" canard, but I don't see how this is going to win anyone over and the "demands" are just going to give fodder to the crowd that hates Keith anyway.

Hubby had at first described it to me as "sappy" which I felt was the wrong word, as it would imply cheap or false sentiment. I don't think there was anything cheap or false in Keith's very real emotions, but this morning I did think it could be construed as maudlin. I haven't checked the right-wing blogs yet, but just the comments on Youtube show how some people have reacted in a negative fashion

Wishing the best to Keith's dad.


If you haven't seen Stephen Fry's appearance on Tuesday night's Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, go check it out HERE! (Thanks to babykid528 for posting it.) It was funny, inciteful, warm, lovable, pointed and just all around delightful television. Just Craig and Stephen talking for an hour. No band, no audience, just two erudite gentle talking about everything from cocaine to Twitter. I especially loved Craig's introduction and his "tribute" to Tom Snyder, although a mention of Bob Costas and Later wouldn't have been amiss either.


Send a prayer to the travel gods guys. I have a major screw-up on my hands, which could end up with company having to pay over $1000.00 AND another storm hitting the east coast which means the whole flight cancellation and long hold times thing. AGAIN.

Three days off next week and I'd really like to NOT spend them obsessing about my own imminent cancellation.
It's a good thing I'm got some days off next week, cause I'm on the verge of going postal.

Client booked ticket and hotel to Miami for ABA meeting. He used his own miles to upgrade. The firm decided that he shouldn't go to the meeting. I need to get the ticket refunded to the corporate ghost card, but I can't do that without the client paying out of pocket $150.00 to get the miles back.

Same trip---both clients presumable told their admins to cancel the reservations and somehow neither Steve nor I got them canceled. Which we didn't find out until yesterday, when we were well within the 7 day cancel period at the very expensive hotel.

I'm now praying to the travel gods that the hotel will basically eat a $1000.00 so that my agency doesn't have to.

Different client is booking hotel in Washington DC. Admin calls to tell me that client's wife is very concerned that I book the right room at the right price and has all sorts of information to send me.

Non-work related...I KNOW I bought a hard-boiled egg this morning for my morning snack. I actually saw the lady at the store putting the egg in a napkin and then in a bag with some fruit I was buying. 12N-snack-time. NO EGG.

Client made changes to refundable ticket, but I flaked on the re-issue. No one's fault there but my own. Delta then charged $50.00 for the re-issue at the airport, which if I'd done it here, theoretically should have been free. Unless I can find out and prove that I would have had to charge him the same $50.00. Naturally due to impending Snowpocalypse - The Sequel, it's impossible to get through to Delta.

Or any other airline for that matter.

This may be continued as my job continues to piss me off.

Continuation of today's ranting...

which is related to the post I didn't want to make yesterday.

I just heard the following from Boston Coach:

"Due to safety reasons, Boston Coach neither installs or provides child seats."

Is it me, or (aside from my annoyance at having to deal with child seats at all) is it not incredibly stupid and would there not be MORE liability from refusing to have child seats than there could possibly be from having them?

Cops: Body found could be Koenig’s


A body found in Stanley Park earlier today is believed by Vancouver Police to be that of missing Growing Pains actor Andrew Koenig.

I only noticed this because of the Walter Koenig connection. Had no idea any of this was going on. Very sad.


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