February 26th, 2010

Rhys Bum

God protects drunks, fools and travel agents.

A wonderful, wonderful woman at the Delano hotel in Miami just bailed my sorry ass out to the tune of OVER $1000.00.

So if you happen to be stinking rich and you're traveling that way, please stay at the Delano.

I managed to stay fairly calm while this disaster was unfolding, said the serenity prayer A LOT and made sure I got to the gym this morning so I could hit the treadmill and get myself blissed out on endorphins before I came in and checked email to see if I was going to get the waiver. AND I got it.

I still have a potential $50.00 screw-up to resolve, but that's honestly not as big a deal.

The new storm on the East Coast is going to wreak havoc, but I think I can get through it, knowing I don't have the $1000.00 nightmare hanging over me. I was NOT looking forward to going into the weekend with that still out there.

Best think is I now have the weekend plus three days to work on the novel and work out with absolutely no other goals or issues to deal with.

I've even managed to stuff my carcass back into a pair of jeans for jeans day today.

La vie est belle.

(Although I am worried about Keith Olbermann's father. I didn't see Keith anywhere in the Health Care Summit coverage last night and it looked like they switched plans from a two hour Countdown to a two hour Hardball, which makes me think the worst.)
Hot well written

For my next miracle, I will cure a ham.

I'm on a jelly roll kids, even though I can't eat it.

Not only did I get the waivers on the hotel in Miami, I got Air Canada to give me a waiver code so I could ticket on a discounted fare that they pulled over night, and then I got them to give me decent seats on the discounted fare.


I'm not sure if this means I'm golden for the rest of the day, or if the fates are setting me up for some major disaster. (You may remember that whole post about "magical thinking.")