March 9th, 2010

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Ipod Clock Fail

So I'm walking to work this morning having just found and photographed the Dog of the Day, and I take a look at my Ipod, specifically to see what time it is. My Ipod proceeds to tell me that it's 930AM. This would mean I am already half an hour late for work and not even half way there yet. I knew I'd left the house slightly late and taken time finding the dog and trying to photograph a previous dog who just wasn't in the mood to pose, but I couldn't honestly believe I was that far behind schedule. Except I did. I thought I must have been walking really slow or spaced out or something because I just took for granted that this was true, rather than checking my cell phone, EVEN THOUGH I took my cell phone out and left a panic stricken message for my co-worker saying I was sososososososo sorry and that I was on the way.

I left the message as I was getting into a cab to try and get to work in any kind of reasonable time and the cab driver told me it was 8:30AM. So I stopped babbling and checked my cell-phone and it was in fact 830AM.

I stayed in the cab, which was fine and got to work in plenty of time, but the whole thing was weird. I have no idea why the clock on my Ipod decided to jump ahead an hour for no good reason. Could it be that it automatically thought we were switching off of Day Light Savings a week early based on the old system?

tl;dr--I'm a dork. Have a nice day.
Acidic Flower Foot

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Two comms both (in their ways) related to letting go of the past and moving on with the Torchwood that is to be.

torchwood_decaf-Artwork and Fics relating to everything Torchwood, EXCEPT J/I.

ppth_support The Unusual Suspects-Fic/Artwork devoted to guest-stars and minor characters of House MD

omni_fiction Fanfic By and For Adults. Any fandom, any pairing, no warnings necessary. Fics coded by Green/Yellow/Red only.



In Heat by samstjames
Hot (literally) and sexy Jack/Gwen.

Comfort by lefaym
Recced to me in the Rec-Love Meme
Nice angsty Ianto/Gwen with a Jack that is so real!Jack most of the J/Iers who read this story hated his guts. Me? I did the happy dance and loved the story more for it.

Untitled Fic by halfapint
A series of vignettes about Ianto's various girlfriends including an unexpected one. Even with a sentimental finish it can still be read as real!Jack.

Written from a Song Lyric Prompt. (The gift that keeps on giving.)

Go. Read. Give Love.



Locking The Door After The Horse Has Bolted by cat_13145

NCIS fic for my OTP---Gibbs/Fornell.
Includes character death.
I ADORE the way the writer captures Fornell's voice here, especially his view of Gibbs and the rest of the team.

Matchmaker by nakeisha.
More Gibbs/Fornell. I guess after Jack Knife, no one can deny it any more.
This is a much lighter fic, with an unexpected character bringing the boys together.

And its continuation, which is a bit fluffy for my taste, but if you want to follow the story all the way to the end, here it is.
Going Steady


RPS-Robert Downey Jr/Jude Law

The Jealousy Bug by holmes221b Part III.

RPF-Robert Downey Jr/Val Kilmer
Oh Deer! by holmes221b
Very cute RPF drabble from the filming of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.


And one from the vaults...House MD
Up On The Roof written for the santahouse_md challenge of 2006.

A House/Chase fic, post "Need to Know" that got kind of over-looked at the time, and feels like it deserves another airing out considering the awesome amounts of House/Chase (and Wilson/Chase) we got in last night's episode. It's very "ol skool" House/Chase with bastard!House and Chaseonehisknees, but manages to subvert the cliche a bit. (I hope.)

She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

That was me!

The day that started with me having the panic attack because I thought it was 930AM, instead of 830AM, has now seen me locked out of my apartment because our front door lock is a little cranky and I don't have a key to the back door. So yes, I got a ladder and in fact, went in through the bathroom window.

This day needs to be over as soon as possible.