March 22nd, 2010

anderson writer

Mint last night...

So I'm sitting at the bar with Donatello, and he looks at me and says, "You know, your skin looks really good."

Which was kind of random, and bizarre and flattering all at the same time. And funny, because years ago, hubby and I were at a bar-be-cue party at the home of one of his co-workers, (I think it was a 4th of July or Labor Day or something.) and said co-worker got really drunk and came over and starting talking about how beautiful my skin was. I mean, drunkenly, effusively going on and on about it.

We can barely remember the name of the co-worker, but "your skin is so beautiful" has been a running gag with us ever since.

Song List-
I Could Easily Fall In Love With You-Cliff Richard
I Can't Decide-Scissor Sisters
Jackie Wilson Said-Van Morrison
All Out of Love-Air Supply


Alert the media

The long-awaited sequel to A Modest Proposal has arrived.

If you're any kind of a House/Wilson fan and you've never read A Modest Proposal, you need to read it, like immediately. It's the Alpha and Omega of H/W getting together post Tritter angst and smut, with a whole lot of fluff and a "pure" happy ending. The fluff is too much for me now, but considering when it was written, it can be read as plausible and the smut is absolutely amazing. Seriously. This thing is a CLASSIC and there's a reason. Hell, it's worth it just for the snark and the characterization of Howard the lawyer. Yes, the word-count is daunting, but it's a fast read and so, so worth it.

AND NOW, our beloved Iggy is back with the sequel : Involuntary Commitment

This is basically the Season 3 that SHOULD have happened after Words & Deeds, instead of the truncated story-line we got, which essentially set House up for the deterioration of Season 5 and the far-less satisfying "recovery" plot we are currently being subjected to. The plot that still fails to deal with ANY of the issues established regarding House's addiction in the first 3 seasons.

This story deals with them, and gets House and Wilson to a Kgal-acceptable "happy" ending, but I'd say there's virtually no pure "fluff" and the angst---OH MY GOD....THE ANGST IS DELICIOUS. Pain and anger and betrayal, including a turn of my favorite H/W infarction fanon. There's also a slew of hot sex, some great characterizations, both of canon characters and some originals. (House's therapist here deserves her own series and leaves Dr. Nolan in the fucking dust when it comes to dealing with House.)

Do not be intimidated by the word-count. I promise, it's one of the fastest 42,000 word reads you will ever encounter. The link is HERE taking you to either Dreamwidth or AO3, but you can also comment back at good old LJ.

Seriously guys, if you love H/W in all their gloriously fucked up, angsty, HOT glory, you need to read this. (And leave comments.)

Can you help me find these Barrowman Fans?

Over a year after seeing John in Panto in Birmingham, I got back the SASE I had sent along with my program to try and get John's autograph. My Panto program was not in the envelope. What was in the envelope was an autographed copy of the Children of Earth promo shot with Jack, Gwen and Ianto and two autographed copies of John with these two people, neither of whom is me.

If anyone happens to know who these lovely folks are and how I can get in touch with them, I'd be happy to try and get the pictures to them. (And if they happen to have my Panto program, that would be even more awesome.)