April 14th, 2010

STFU Ianto

De-cluttering/End of an Era.

I dismantled two of my fanfic/smut binders last night.

During my first two years on LJ, I was compulsively reading fanfic, starting with House MD, and then including Torchwood, Alias, Life On Mars, Spooks, and all the other stray fandoms I picked up along the way. I killed a lot of trees printing them out for re-reading and kept them in binders in my bedroom, either so I could re-read and appreciate the deathless prose or for the reason you'd imagine someone might keep binders of smut in their bedroom.

But it's been a long time since I felt the need to save anything in a hard-copy and longer since I physically re-read it for any purpose. I still have two more binders including all of Grey Gardens and one binder of Misc. fandoms.

It feels weird to realize I'm probably not going to re-read them again, and the best thing I can do is recycle the paper and make room for something else in my life. There are some real classics in there, the fics that established how I saw the characters, such as Under His Skin, by Ticcy.

There's also a lot of crap, including fluff that I would never bother with now, but that appealed to me at the time because I was still falling in love with House/Wilson and coming back to fandom and fanfic in general.

Nowadays, I uses my Memories and my Pimp Posts as my "binder" so that I can go back to anything I really do want to read again. Frankly, the sievebrain has blotted out so much that I'm not sure I even remember all the things that I once thought I'd want to read over and over and over.

Speaking of clutter---Torchwood Magazine. I've got a lot of them, and I want some of them gone. Unfortunately, it's virtually impossible for me to throw them out. Hell I can barely get rid of my New Yorkers once I'm done with them. (Currently working on July 2009.) I should probably make a list of the covers since I'm assuming that's what would determine who wants what. I'm sure you can guess which ones I want out of my life immediately. (Yes, even if Jack is on the cover as well. In fact, especially. I think I've got two copies of "Jack & Jones" and it needs to go away.) I'm willing to give them away for the cost of shipping and handling.

Get in touch if you're interested.

I'm also still working on divesting myself of cassettes and have pretty much given up on my project of trying to replace them all with MP3s. You really can't sell the damn things, so I'm including them with bags of clothing, mostly old run-shirts that are still in decent shape, but not really comfortable, that I give to Community Thrift.

Self Indulgent Whinge

What's up with almost no comments on the House Babble? (I love you chocolate_frapp). You all thought last weeks episode and the one before that was the greatest thing since sliced bread and nobody wants to tell me, or you think I summed up the wretched refuse so succinctly that nothing else need be said?
enormous talent

Pimping the Merry Month of Masturbation

I'm reallyreallyreally determined NOT to do the challenge this year, but I hypocritically heartily encourage everyone else to, especially if you haven't participated in the past.

Even if you're not writing, you should join the comm to read all the awesome wank-fic that other people will be writing.

MMOM will be running again this year.

The Merry Month of May Masturbation.

The challenge is to post a masturbation fic for every day in May.

31 days. 31 stories. All involving masturbation in some way (doing it, talking about it, watching it, we're easy...)

Any fandom, any genre, any character, any pairing or moresome. As long as wanking is involved somewhere, we'll take it.

We ask that stories are at least 100 words long, although there's no upper limit. (You want to write that 20,000 word wanking epic, this is the place for you!)

If you don't feel like you can do all 31 days, then please feel free to post for as many days as you want to - even if that's just one day out of the month. It's great if you can do all 31 days, but we're not going to turn down any wank ;-)

Bring on the wank, people; you know you want to ::grin::

(Also, please feel free to pimp this - after all, the more wank, the better...)