April 22nd, 2010

anderson writer

Weirdness from my clients...or at least an admin...

Mind you, I think this guy has a sort of stalkery crush on me anyway, but I may have made a mistake when I kind of bonded with him over New Who AND turned him on to Life On Mars and State of Play...anyway, this morning I sent him an email advising that I got some better seats for two of the clients flying out this afternoon. He sent me an email thanking me and then wrote this:

(increasingly, i daydream that i'm living a much better life in a much better body with a much better mind and a much better financial standing.)

My first thought is-don't we all, and my second one is---dude...I'm not the one you should be telling this too.
Frank Sinatra

RP-style Meme

Ganked from old_blueeyes

Basically: I give you a list of my muses, and you can ask them anything. You can either ask IC or you can just ask yourself. You don't have to be an RPer, if the idea appeals to you.

My muses are any character I've written, or any character you think I could write, assuming I'm familiar with the fandom. For this meme, I will include my RPS and RPF characters.

ETA-It occurs to me I've done this (or one like it) fairly recently. Let's see what happens this time. If I get repeats, I'll just dig up and refer to the last one, or change the answers if things have changed canon-wise since last time.
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