April 28th, 2010

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Better Than It Sounds Meme

Ganked from speccygeekgrrl

Copy/paste descriptions of shows from Better Than It Sounds, have people guess them, hilarity will ensue.

ETA-This Meme is closed out! Done in approximately 1 Hour and 15 minutes. Good going, guys!


1. Ship's cook slaughters the catering staff and entertainers on the captains birthday.
Under Siege-guessed by misstitania

2. Greed leads to both insanity and discussions about badges.
Treasure of the Sierra Madre-guessed by donutsweeper
3. Willy Wonka exacts revenge on Snape, but to do so he has to kill Borat. Meanwhile, a woman sticks weird things into her pie(s).

Sweeney Todd-guessed by babykid528

Live Action TV

4. A whole bunch of people with superpowers play recreational sports with the Idiot Ball.
Heroes-guessed by babykid528

5. Women complete for the right to wear a corset in front of thousands of people and die horribly at the hands of Owen Harper, while children compete to play a miserable orphan.
I'd Do Anything-guessed by aeron_lanart

6. A bunch of Americans living abroad in the 1950s talk and act like it's the 1970s, and crack a lot of jokes about death.

M*A*S*H-guessed by drunken_hedghog


7. The gay, bilingual Marty Stu son of two folksingers, with a flair for the dramatic (or more specifically, the operatic). Possesses a voice that could either wreck ships or peel paint, depending on whom you ask. Sings about beverages and vices in his signature tune.
Rufus Wainwright-guessed by jadesfire


8. Drunk refuses to have sex with his wife because he blames her for turning his best friend gay by having sex with him.
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof-guessed by halfapint

9.An obnoxious lawyer, an emo farmer, a horny doctor and a bunch of middle-aged white men bitch about the heat and call each other names while trying to start a revolution. There are more sex jokes than you might expect. A lot more.
1776-guessed by babykid528

10.Nothing happens. The next night, nothing continues to happen. It's a classic of modern literature.
Waiting For Godot-guessed by jadesfire
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