May 7th, 2010



OK, actually it seems to have slunk off on it's own at least for the time being. I got the "blocked" box the first time I tried to get on LJ yesterday, so I used my first allotted ten minute block and got off. Then later when I went box, and I had no more problems.

While I am insanely grateful for this, I'm now incredibly curious as to what happened? Did someone at IT get overly ambitious? Was it a shot across the bow to let Law Firm slackers know they were being watched? Did one of the BIG BOSSES throw a hissy fit when they couldn't access something wanted and told IT to stuff it? I just checked and all the proxy sites one could try using to bypass Websense are still blocked.

Anyway, thanks so much to every one who reached out to me with advise and support. I really love you guys and it would have been horrible to feel like I was cut off from you for the balance of my work-day.


Went to sleep last night with a vaguely brewing tension headache and eye fatigue and woke up at 3:00AM in excruciating agony with one of those "icepick through the head" throbbing headaches, which went from my lift cheek up through my nasal area and focused the sharp pain on my left temple. I honestly thought I might have to go to the emergency room. I took an aspirin and then woke up hubby who was very nice about it and gave me something else which I can't remember right now, and also brought me an ice pack. Unfortunately he didn't have any of the "good stuff" left over from the leg injury. It took about an hour for me to get comfortable enough to sleep and it was honestly the ice pack that I think did the most good. It was still bad at about 5AM, but when I woke up at 8AM I felt fine.

Since I have some time off next week, and have to get a gyno exam to get my pills refilled anyway, I'll make an appointment and mention this little incident. Probably also not a bad time for a tooth cleaning and check up.

Here are my theories:
Tooth infection.
Menstrual related.
Sugar abuse.
Brain tumor.
fatuous lunatic

A big hug to all my British friends.

And I'll be presumptuous enough to assume most of your are not very happy about this. Apologies if that is a bad assumption on my part.

I don't have much to offer, except a bit of THIS TOO SHALL PASS, and at least it's not like the Tories can claim a land-slide and a mandate. This is coming from a left-wing liberal Democrat who has lived through 1972, 1980, 1984, 1988!!! (I cried and cried), and then 2000 and 2004.

Pendulums swing. (England swings like a pendulum do!)

I won't render my opinions on the Blair administration, but I will let you know that I was so jubilant for you guys the day Labour took over, and I'm sad to see what has transpired since.

Good luck, guys!