May 10th, 2010

Hot well written

Busy weekend

Saturday-Long bike out to the ocean, although mission was nearly aborted when we discover my front tire was flat. (NO! I did not sabotage it in advance to get out of the ride.) Hubby swabbed out my wheel for one from the mountain bike he never uses, and we were on our way.

It was a gorgeous day and the route involved something called "the wiggle" so there weren't too many hills. At the end, I got all macho and pushed myself to go up the hill to Louis' just to prove I could.

We had lunch and rode home, with a stop on Castro St. to pick up my pills at Walgreens.

ETA-How could I forget---the Mandolin Orchestra concert at Mission Dolores. It was an interesting program that combined Schubert, Celtic music, the Beatles and PROG ROCK!!! Yes, that's right, in case you thought ELP wasn't pretentious enough on it's own, you try Tarkus played by a MANDOLIN ORCHESTRA!!!.

Came home and watched TV & DVDs including finishing up Due South. I'd been thinking we had more coming because I knew there were 4 Seasons and the DVDs say Season 3, but I hadn't realize that the last two seaons were sort of compressed into one, so I only realized we were coming to the end as we started watching the last two-parter. I'd been wondering why the DVDs had RayV on them, so at least that mystery was solved as well. Having now seen all of it, I remain firmly in the RayV camp, but I can live with the ending, even though I don't see Benton/RayK as a "confirmed" slash ending. The look on Benton's face when he saw RayV in the hotel room told me everything about who Benton really loves.

Dr. Who-Vampires of Venice-I'm already on record with my love for this.

A bit of Jack-wank at fanficrants I stand by my point. Sometimes sex is really JUST sex. There's nothing wrong with fucking for the sake of fucking and not every hook-up has to be "redeemed" by saying Jack always cares about his partners. So maybe he's not always a slut, if that's the negative connotation you take from the word, but sometimes on a very basic level, he really is. And the whole thread has given me an idea for a wank!fic, which I may write for [community profile] mmom, even though it's not coming from an Icon Prompt.

chocolate_frapp, Yanni, Jim, Donatello, Sebastian, Daddy Dave, Bartender Jim, and LOWELLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! I knew he was in town and we had plans for dinner afterwards. I had such a squeeeeee-ful good time. Me and Yanni did "Somethings Gotten Hold of My Heart" together and we totally kicked ass. I also did French Foreign Legion and One Night In Bangkok. Afterwards hubby came up (on the bicycle) and we all walked down the hill together planning to have dinner at Il Cantuccio...only to find it closed and looking gutted. Can't tell if it's closed for renovations or gone. If it's gone, this is very very very bad news because I need a walking distance go-to restaurant and neither Delfina or Farina is an acceptable option.

We ended up eating Indian food at Maharajah, which was fine, and the lovely Harpa left us plenty of time to leisurely chat, before bringing the bill.

Got some time off this week. YAY. Need to try and get my food/exercise shit together. Again.

Bay To Breakers is this weekend. I'm just not up for the big cluster-fuck this year, so I'll probably just go out on a long run on Saturday...or maybe even Friday to see how I'm gearing up for a 1/2 in June.

30 Days of Television-Day 4

Ganked from sandrine

Master list HERE

Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

Oh, I agonized over this one. There were shows that I was once so passionate about, but I couldn't say they were my favorites ever because of deterioration in the later seasons (I'm looking at you House MD) or just pure JTS syndrome. Or shows that I used to love, but don't think I could actually sit through them now without cringing, either because they weren't that good to start with or just haven't aged well.
And then I rememberd, there's one show that was perfect the first time, never stopped being perfect, and any part of which is still capable of making crack up, no matter how familiar some of the sketches may be.

And now for something completely different....

Monty Python's Flying Circus.

The Four Yorkshiremen Sketch-From Live At The Hollywood Bowl. (I prefer the version from Secret Policeman's Other Ball, but this is hysterical as well. How much do I love Michael Palin? A LOT!)

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