May 16th, 2010

STFU Ianto

If you could read my mind love....

Nearly halfway through the Merry Month...I'm flying by the seat of my pants and often cranking out the fics with barely hours to spare. Some of them I'm proud of; others iffy about. I find I'm doing more fics that deal with masturbation as a topic rather then out and out descriptions of the act itself. Not sure if that reflects a certain level of burn-out or one of maturity.

Thanks to everyone who's done beta for me so far. I was going to say "hand holding" but since it's the Merry Month, I wouldn't want to squick anybody out.


Bones-The Boy With The Answer

Pretty much the only thing I took away from this episode was how much I want Caroline Julian and Lance Sweets to have their own spin-off series.


My crazy-ass finch is freaking me out. She's laying eggs again. LOTS OF THEM!!! There's already three in her food dish and at least three more that hit the bottom of the cage in the last couple of weeks. We got her a "nest" but she doesn't seem inclined to use it. Also....she's alone. You may remember the great failure to get her a mate a few months back. I wish I knew if she's miserable and lonely and thinks those eggs are going to be babies, or if I'm investing too much emotion in this. Also...should I leave the eggs in the food dish?

None of this should even be my problem. We only got the original pair in the first place because a spiritual advisor told hubby our apartment should either be filled with the sounds of birds chirping or babies.


Ironman II

Fucking A! That was one hell of a pop-corn movie roller coaster ride and Mickey Roarke reminds me how sexy he was back in his Diner days. (Oh did I have a crush on him in that movie!) Robert Downey Jr's arms are a pornographic thing of beauty and where the HELL is the Pepper/Natalie femslash?

Not sure it was necessary to pay extra for the Imax. It's not as big as I remember for the museum shows of the 80's. It's really just a 2000's equivalent of Cinemascope, isn't it?


Speaking of popcorn. I ate some at the movie. With butter. And a white cherry Frostee. I wish I hadn't.



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