May 23rd, 2010


Return to Sausalito

Hubby and I went to Sausalito yesterday. Several years ago we did a very traumatic trip together where we rode the ferry over and attempted to bike back. This was a bad, bad, bad idea as there is a famously "gnarly hill" involved in going this way and it nearly destroyed our relationship because I was in bad shape and not a good bike rider and every minute of trying to do it was torture. I'd also fallen off my bike once in Sausalito and was extremely angry and sensitive about that before we ever headed up the hill.

This time we did it "right" assuming you think right is dealing with several hills in San Francisco and going over the Golden Gate Bridge on a bicycle at all is a good idea, but we did it. I got a little pissy about doing a "detour" that involved walking the bike down and up stairs instead of taking the closer downhill because of potential gravel hazards, but other than that I was pretty well behaved.

We had a wonderful brunch at Cafe Divino, where we saw the beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs from yesterday, rode around a bit and then took the ferry back to San Francisco. To be honest the absolute worst ride was getting back home in the traffic on Mission Street. I managed to bang my shin against my pedal while that was going on.

I'm really stiff today, but the biggest pain is the bruise on my shin,

Came home and watched Stage 7 of the Tour of California, Disk 1 of Season 2 of Arrested Development, Bones, NCIS, and then Dr. Who plus confidential. Since House is done (oh, so done) for the season, I should be able to watch the Ashes to Ashes finale tomorrow. I don't want it to be over, but I'm dying to see how they wrap it up. DO NOT FUCKING SPOIL ME!!!

Guess what? My Robbie Williams karaoke disk has arrived. I can't wait to sing Me & My Monkey today.
Hot well written

MMOM Day 23-"Empty Space" House MD House/Wilson Rating-R

Title: Empty Space
Fandom: House MD
Pairings: House/Wilson, Wilson/Julie
Rating: R
Wordcount: Approximately 850
Notes: Icon Prompt from babykid528. Another cheat. Thanks to srsly_yes for typo notes. Takes place during Season 2, before Sex Kills.
Summary: Wilson tries to have a movie date with his wife.

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