May 24th, 2010

blame pistol

30 Days of Television-Day 17

Ganked from sandrine

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Day 17 - Favorite mini series

Easy one: State of Play

Just look at that freakin' cast:

* David Morrissey plays Stephen Collins, a Labour MP
* John Simm plays Cal McCaffrey, reporter and Stephen Collins's former campaign manager.
* Kelly MacDonald plays Della Smith, reporter
* Bill Nighy plays Cameron Foster, editor of The Herald
* Polly Walker plays Anne Collins, wife of Stephen Collins
* James McAvoy plays Dan Foster
* Philip Glenister plays DCI William Bell
* Marc Warren plays Dominic Foy

Listen to the snarky dialogue.
Watch Anne grope Cal's chest.
See Cal do the wall hump of existential angst.
Live the Simm/Glenister chemistry three years before Sam Tyler ever laid eyes on Gene Hunt.
And forget that they EVER tried to do an American remake.