May 30th, 2010

Until then, I was having a good weekend.

NCIS-Season finale UMMMMMMMM....WTF???? The swiss cheese factory called; they want their holes back.

Saturday-Gorgeous weather. Walk up to Castro Street. Brunch at the Cove-awesome goat cheese/veggie omelet.

Documentary at the Roxie:

It was actually pretty amazing.

Then we watched Buffy-Season 3-Disk one-good stuff.

I even did some picking up and found a pair of glasses I'd been looking for.

And today I got my goddess nails done and went up to the Mint where I hung out with my Karaoke Kronies until I got the call from Hubby to pick him up at the hospital.

Song list
Cracklin' Rosie-Neil Diamond
Virginia Plain-Roxy Music
Monsoon-Robbie Williams.

Off to watch Dr. Who now. Still working on my last mmom fic.

Plan for tomorrow is a long run in the AM and karaoke in the afternoon, although I'll obviously have to do some fetch and carry for my invalid in between that.