June 2nd, 2010


No surgery today.

Hubby was told his surgery was scheduled for 430PM. He got there at 330PM. When I go to Kaiser around 700PM, he was in the ASU waiting....with an IV and some Dilaudid. We both waited until 9PM, when a very tired looking doctor came in and said that because of hospital rules, at 9PM they had to shut down all the ORs but one, and that one had a "case" that had been going on since 8AM. (Think about that.)

He said they might still be able to do hubby's surgery, but it would be after midnight. By this time hubby had not eaten since breakfast and he was getting really hungry and of course he couldn't eat as long as he was pre-op, so we decided to come home and start over tomorrow.

I ran out and got him a nice big burrito and we're currently chilling out watching Keith and Rachel.


On the other hand, we did get to meet Nurse Lesley, who was very sweet and absolutely adorable.

Here's Nurse Lesley wheeling hubby out of the hospital so we could go home.