June 9th, 2010

Save us Jack

Still happy as a clam over Torchwood Series 4 announcement

Jack & Gwen. Bigger & Better than ever. And so far no mention of you know who.

However, did I mention...I have to see my mother tomorrow? And I haven't told her about Hubby's latest mishap? So option 1-He just shows up on the crutches and then we explain. Option 2-I give her the heads up before she sees him. Option 3-He bails, and I either lie and say he's working or has the Zen center or something else. It's not like I'm not skilled in lying to my mother. Option 4-He bails but I tell mom the truth. Decision still pending. I'll talk to Hubby tonight and see how he's feeling about the matter.

Also, he pretty much told me point blank last night that he has every intention of getting back on the horse bicycle, and is even going ahead with plans to get a titanium frame for the bike he's working on now and that he still expects me to go riding on the two-wheeled death machines with him in the future.


Did you see the Daily Show last night? Jon really went off on the President, which was painful to watch, but not completely undeserved. The clips were pretty damning. :(

The 405 Freeway is closed in both directions between Venice Boulevard and the 10 Freeway after a CHP officer was involved in a crash.

Not a local story for me, but one of my clients was stuck in the traffic on the 405, trying to make a flight at LAX. Apparently his admin told him to get off the freeway at the next exit and take Sepulveda and he did make the flight. YAY!!!

20 First Lines Meme

Ganked from zekkass

Post the first lines from your last 20 stories. Do you see a pattern?

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This list may be slightly skewed because all the first lines, except for the last one, are from mmom and a lot of those were drabbles or ficlets, so I really had to jump into the (ahem) action, fairly quickly.

While I'm very obsessed with KELS, I also like to have a very punchy first line, something that pulls the reader in immediately. I think when possible, I try to make it clear who the POV is in that first line as well, and of course I want it to be in character and in the correct style for the fandom. (Hence the long line that starts the Jeeves fic.)

I think this list definitely reflects those tendencies.