June 14th, 2010

jelly belly

Or am I losing my mind?

Things I forgot to do yesterday:

1. Take a benedryl before going to Sebastian's house for hair day and facing his two cute little devil-cat balls of sniffle-inducing fluff.
2. Get my cell-phone off the charger so I could take it with me, in case hubby needed to get in touch.
3. Grab the copy of De-lovely that I wanted to lend to my friend Jim.
4. Take my distance glasses to the movies.
ETA-I also forgot to post the "30 Writing Questions" question for the day, and then just now I forgot to post about forgetting it. SERIOUSLY-Brain tumor. (With apologies to those who have suffered or whose loved ones have suffered from actual brain tumors, it's just so damn frustrating to be so incredibly flaky.)

But had a pretty awesome day anyway.

I asked Sebastian to put a swirl on my hair and it came out great.

A bunch of my buds were at the Mint and I did a bunch of songs.

The Little Roxie is small enough that not having the distance glasses was no big deal. We saw yet another documentary about a very quirky subject. Not as good as Big River Man, but no dead dolphins, so still ahead of the game. I didn't really coming away liking Biker Fox and I got the feeling that hubby was mostly diagnosing him.

Bikerfox Movie Trailer Unpredented Style - For more of the funniest videos, click here

30 Writing Questions in 30 Days-Day 3

Ganked from zekkass

Here's the list

3. How do you come up with names, for characters (and for places if you're writing about fictional places.

I'll mostly address original fiction here...since I tend to pattern my characters on real people, either in my life or celebrities, I'll often use some variation on their names or give the character the same initials. For years, all my Mary Sues protagonists, had my initials. Like that wasn't a dead give-a-way.

My favorite name I ever gave a character was Dusty Teal, which reflects the fact that I used to spend a lot of time reading the Lands End catalogue just to snark the color names.

For fanfic, I try to keep the OC's down to a minimum so it doesn't come up very often, but I've been known to steal "real names" from friends and family, only to get busted, and thus I've stopped doing that. For OC's in fanfic, my one goal is to make the names sound valid for the fandom in question, both by time and place. There's no real method except to immerse myself in the fandom and come up with a name that works and hasn't been used in canon.

It's very rare that I need to create a place, although I've made up a few restaurants, bars and pubs over the years. Again, just try to keep it true to the time and place. I written a few books with a place called the Blue Bus in Santa Monica which has served as both a karaoke bar and a piano bar. I have this weird theory that the Blue Bus has been a bar in Santa Monica forever because it's the end of the line for the Blue Bus in LA and that when Jim Morrison sang "Meet me at the Blue Bus" in The End, that's what he was talking about.