June 26th, 2010


Pride Run-5K-47 Minutes

Which is fine, except I was planning to do the 10-K. It was clear pretty early on that the event was too small for me to schlump through a 10-K at my usual pace. The majority of the 10-Kers were passing me while I was only my second mile of the 5-K. I would have been out there nearly an hour all by myself and everyone might have been gone by the time I finished.

Also, the course was a double loop, so it was just too damn easy to stop at the end of the 5-K.

There was this one couple I wanted to beat, and we were trading the "lead" at the back of the pack for most of the 5-K. I started sprinting when I saw the balloons for the finish line, but I didn't know the course and it turned out there was this little bit extra we had to run before the balloons and I didn't have enough in the engine to keep sprinting and I pooped out and they beat me. Afterwards they came over and the woman thanked me for pushing them. Turns out she's training for the NY Marathon. Congratulations Susan & Victor. (Sorry I cut Victor's head off in the picture. Picspam is coming as soon as I get everything uploaded.)

At least one of the volunteers recognized John from my shirt and we did some Jack Harkness bonding. I was able to share the glad tidings of Torchwood Season 4, Bigger and Better.

This run was near the Polo Grounds on the South Side of Golden Gate Park which is considerable farther into the park than most of the runs I do, so I had to take the N-Judah all the way to 34th St. This meant we were pretty close to the ocean, but it was nowhere near as cold as I would have expected.

Came home, after a Safeway stop and hubby and I went out to brunch at Ebb and Flow. Damn that Crab Melt is insidious and you can't beat the Beatles music.

Now watching the US vs Ghana. Am I bad person for saying my favorite part is seeing Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger watching the game together?

Thirty Days of Writing Questions-Day 15

Ganked from zekkass

Here's the list

15. Midway question! Tell us about a writer you admire, whether professional or not!

I'll tell you about two non-fiction writers, both of whom are associated with The New Yorker.

#1-The late, great Pauline Kael. When we were growing up, we had Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and I lost it at the movies, and eventually I had at various times pretty much all of her collections and would spend hours at my grandparents apartment going through their current stacks of New Yorkers, looking for cartoons and Pauline Kael reviews.

I love her wit, her passion for movies she loved and her ability to scathingly destroy movies she hated, plus her willingness to embrace certain brands of trash. David Denby and Anthony Lane are palid immitations although Denby can come up with a good line now and again.

My favorite Pauline "moment" comes from "I Lost It At The Moves," where she is answering "fan mail" and some schmuck is telling her that she shouldn't review movies because she's never made one, but that before she can direct a movie she will need "a pair of balls."

To which she replies: "Dear Mr. Do Do, (I call you that in honor of your double attributes.)"

Cracks me up every time.

#2-Malcolm Gladwell.

I love his New Yorker pieces that start by going into depth about one topic and then seem to switch to something else entirely, but manage to pull it all together by then end. I vividly remember reading the article that eventually became the basis for The Tipping Point, being absolutely fascinated by how Hush Puppies had become hip and all the other stories he used to explain the "Tipping Point" idea.

I recently read Blink and adored it just as much. And I've still got Outliers waiting for me. YAY.
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