July 13th, 2010

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Six degrees of Dr. Who on the Orient Express

Watched the new PBS adaptation of Murder On The Orient Express last night and guess who turned up? Toby Jones, who played the Dream Lord in "Amy's Choice" and as the victim and David Morrissey as Colonel Arburthnot (the Sean Connery role from the 1974 movie).

I'm honestly shocked that Marc Warren didn't turn up as a porter or something.

I wasn't terribly impressed with this version. For one thing, I think the 1974 is epic and definitive. Everybody was glamorous and over the top and larger than life. I guess they couldn't really pull that off on a PBS budget, but this just felt very tinny and underplayed. More like a table reading of the book than an actual production. Barbara Hershey, much as I love her was no Lauren Bacall.

I think they went in the wrong direction by trying to make it a moral test for Poirot instead of a typical mystery for him to solve.

We watched a tie-in special they did about the Orient Express itself with David Suchet and it was SO WEIRD to see him out of 'stache and hear his normal British accent.

Also, somehow I'd forgotten that Alan Cumming is the host of Mystery these days, so I got to have a Squeeeeee moment over his hotness looking all clean-shaven in a suit plus that delicious accent.
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Special real!Jack Pimp Post

Our favorite bastard rules today's pimp post with a bunch of recent reads that show him in all his proud, slutty, real!Jack glory,

First of all, my Torchwood OTP, Jack/Owen in a Jack/Owen cross-dressing fic written by ebineez01 for the most recent Porn Battle.

This one puts Owen in the dress, and it's super hot and shows exactly why Jack & Owen are perfect together, with a smidge of affection and a lot of bastard!Jack.

Even Hope by the_summoning_d

Mega-angsty Jack during The Year That Never Was. Jack/Master, Jack/Doctor, Torture etc.

Cosmic Joke by dune_drd

A long, timey-wimey, intricately plotted story, making Jack's feelings for the Doctor absolutely clear. Love and humor and angst and Jack is ALL ABOUT THE DOCTOR!!!

Shell Game by neifile7.
THE BASTARD RULES!!! Torchwood/White Collar crossover, with the two con-men going head to head and Jack pretty much PWNing everybody and having no consideration for anyone else when it comes to getting into Neal's well-creased pants. Absolutely delicious and real!Jack to the core.

If A Tree Falls In A Timeloop by Nancy Brown

Yummy Jack/John/Gwen threesome drabble.

Cos there's nothing more real!Jack than a threesome with folks he really wants.

Go. Read. Give Love.

Tell the writers who give us real!Jack how much we appreciate them for it.

30 Writing Questions in 30 Days-Day 28

Ganked from zekkass

Here's the list

28. Have you ever written a character with physical or mental disabilities? Describe them, and if there's nothing major to speak of, tell us a few smaller ones.

It actually took me a while to get the answer to this, and then I was like DUH! *points to icon*

That would be one Gregory House. I am VERY PROUD of the way I write House relative to his disability, and the pain it entails. I've written a lot of fic that deals with the infarction period, the recovery and how it affected his relationships with Wilson, Stacy and Cuddy.

House hates his disability, but he is tied into his identity as a cripple with every fiber of his being and any fic that somehow pretends that isn't true is a lie, as is any attempt in canon to skirt the issues. I know that what we saw in the "ketamine period" episodes is physical bullshit, but I've written fics in that period as well, and dealt with the posibility that euphoria and denial let him get away with a lot until the reality sank in.

I think I'm one of the fanfic writers who tries to take the leg and the effect of the vicodin into account during the graphic sex scenes as well, both House's physical reaction to being seen or touched as well as what he can or can't reasonably do. The fact that we're still getting "House is a super-stud" fic after all these years is mind-boggling. House is a cripple and if you don't know the effect of vicodin on the libido, you may want to look it up.

One thing I think I'm not very good at is the physical reality of House walking with the cane. I've tried to incorporate some of that, but those aren't my favorite moments because I'm not sure I get them right.

I also consider House's addiction to be a disability and I think I write that VERY WELL, including dealing with his other addictions and remembering that addiction means addiction including alcohol and gambling, which is something our canon writers have forgotten.

Greg House is one big emotional and physical disability and I never forget it when I'm writing him.

On the original fiction front, the only one I can think of is the blind, stuttering pyschiatrist from my first novel, who I based on Charles Krauthammer. Not much to say there, except that I liked and respected Dr. Krauthammer back then considerably more than I do right now and wrote the character with a lot of affection, but probably over-did the stuttering.

30 Days of Cardio-Day 13

45 minutes Lifecycle.

I went to the gym around Noon-ish. Went for low resistance, higher speed on the Lifecycle.
I want to try and get back to working out before work, but lately the legs are not co-iperating.