September 10th, 2010


San Bruno fire

In the words of Hubby, "Twenty miles away and in a different universe."

So to those who've expressed concern, we're fine, and to anyone who's ever actively wished for me to DIAF, sorry guys, not this time.

ETA-Just to clarify-I live in San Francisco, no wheres near San Bruno, but I understand that folks who are not in California, and especially those who are not in the US at all might hear "northern California" or "Suburb of San Francisco" and think there was some proximity.

After all Loma Prieta had it's epicenter in Watsonville and still managed to shake up San Francisco pretty good.

But in this case, not close at all, and no effect. My biggest concern would be any impact on the San Francisco Airport or traffic going there.
Rachel Bull Pucky

Love Meme

Ganked from txvoodoo

(This is the one I was feeling leery about yesterday.)

If you were talking about me, what would you use to fill in the blank?

I love your ________
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Naked 10 sees Jack

My new computer has arrived.

The one I don't feel like I should have.

Obviously I can't use it until I get all the crap from my laptop switched over, it it'll be a couple of days before The Big Guy (17 Inch Screen) is in effect.


Here's the problem with having a "to read" list that goes back nearly a year. (For instance I'm just now getting to stories from last year's Life On Mars Ficathon.) The problem is looking at a fic that I must have had a reason for wanting to read. Either a pairing I like, an interesting premise, a titillating summary or just being by a writer I like. Something. And sometimes I look at the summaries or the first paragraph trying to decide if I'm going to print the fic out or not...and I have no idea why I wanted to read it in the first place. What the hell was I thinking?

Anyway, if you're among those whose fics I do like, and you wonder why you're getting comments so late in the game, it's just that I've gotten semi-compulsive about reading the fics in the order they got put on the list. I'm not completely obsessive about this as there will always pairings/writers that are queue jumpers, but there it is. Me. Reading fics from October 2009. And generally leaving comments because I do feel I owe a writer that if I've gotten through the fic.


Today's "phrase I never want to see in a fic again" is.....(drum-roll please)...."hot tears." Especially "hot tears of shame." If you are writing that phrase into a fic as we speak, I beg you to reconsider.

30 Days of Music Meme

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Questions here

Day 10 - A song that no one would expect you to love

Good News-Cliff Richard

Well, it might not be considered that much of a stretch. It's Cliff and it's a great uptempo "happy song." Unless you listen to the lyrics. It's pure, Jesus-loving gospel. I don't believe a word of this stuff. BUT I believe that Cliff believes it. And I love hearing him sing it.