September 15th, 2010

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OK, I know I'm an idiot...

(And worse as far as some people are concerned) but this is really bugging me...

I know that I used to be able to reply to comments I got on fics posted a Teaspoon. And now I can't. Or at least if I can, I can't figure out how. Did they change their formats so you just have to bask in the comments (or stew if they're negative) with no way of communicating back?


And a randomy randoming that I meant to put in my White Collar review of the finale, but went El Flako on:

You know what my favorite part of the show was? The barely concealed car ad with Marsha Thomason showing us bits of New York and speaking in her real accent. YUMMY YUM YUM. I think the girl is smoking hot anyway and adore Diana like crazy, but the accent is the topper for me. (As with Hugh Laurie, you don't know how good her American is, until you hear how she really speaks.) To my untrained ear it's mostly RP with just a hint of her native Mancunian. Which leads me to this idea...not that I would ever want anything bad to happen to Diana, but if it did: What if she woke up in Britain, circa early 90's and found herself working for a certain hard-ass, bastard, cop we all know and love? Can you imagine Diana dealing with the Gene Genie and would happen the first time he tried any of the "Bolly Knickers" crap on her?

I offer the bunny with love to anyone who will give it a good home and offer beta assistance as well. (Maybe you could use it as a costume? Or a birthday present...October 23, if you're interested.)
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Two Music Memes

#1-Music Lottery
Ganked from pine_tree

Pick up to 4 numbers from 1-9721.
Get 4 songs.


#2-Song Drabble Meme
Ganked from speccygeekgrrl

1: Give me a number between 1 and 9721. Your number determines what song you get, which is what the drabble will be based on. However, you may be asked to pick a different number, because I have some interviews or full concerts scattered in there.

2: Give me a fandom or a pairing! If there's something specific you want in the drabble, tell me and I might be able to work it in.

3: You get one song and a drabble