September 27th, 2010

fatuous lunatic

Halloween costume (the real one) is under way.

Aside from making some inroads into my Come As You're Not project, I've also procured the first piece of the actual costume I'll be wearing to the Mint that day...a lab coat. When I saw Sebastian yesterday, he also turned out to have a black t-shirt with fornicating skeletons that MIGHT work. I'll be ordering my wig as soon as I get paid. I hate wigs, but Sebastian refuses to use a temporary spray dye on me.


Hot weekend. Gross hot, especially on Saturday, when I hauled my sorry butt out for an hour's worth of walk/running around the Mission/Castro area.

Aside from that, the day was mostly about picking up and doing laundry, followed by the preliminary thrift store expedition. Goddess nails got done in there somewhere too. Next weekend will be devoted to Hardly Strictly, so the weekend after that, I'll have to hit Haight Street and hopefully find the perfect "Catholic School" skirt and some studded wrist bands. After that, it's just a matter of getting the fishnet stockings and I'm good to go.


Hair day went smoothly although the mixture of heat and benedryl left me a bit woozy. It was also the day of the Folsom Street Fair, but I didn't see too much leather at the Mint. It was pretty quiet so I get to sing a lot, including what might have been an ill-advised attempt at Muddy Waters' Mannish Boy. (Because you know I AM a Hoochie Koochie Man.)


Some DVD notes:

1. Stephen Fry in America - Disc 1. Mostly love this, although I was not comfortable with the juxtoposition of Stephen listening to the Southern Matriarch talking about how her Granddaddy didn't "lose" one slave after emancipation, because they all wanted to keep working for him...followed by Stephen seeming to loathe everything about Miami, including the older Jewish woman who'd retired there.

2.Lie To Me-Season 1-Disc 3-We hit a "Hey It's That Guy" trifecta when one episode yielded Robinette from Law & Order, Aristoo from Bones AND OMG!!! Kevin Tighe (from Emergency, long before some of you were born.) Hubby also got kudos for calling a husband as the baddie in one ep AND getting obsessed with "Who is the guy in the picture behind Cal?" At first he thought it was the Lubavitcher Rebbe, then Walt Whitman or John Muir, but he finally figure out it must be Darwin and did some Google-fu to confirm. YAY HUBBY!

3. Buffy-Season 4-Disc 2. Hmmmmm....we (as Hubby) have made the decision NOT to start with the first Season of Angel in conjunction with the continuation of Buffy, but maybe that's a bad idea, since I was utterly confused for a large part of the Thanksgiving episode. Also, I really hope this whole deal with the OTHER group of High Tech demon hunters gets derailed pretty quickly. Not impressed with Riley et al at all. Good to have Spike back, although the whole extended "can't bite a human" metaphor wore out pretty quickly, as funny as it was at first. Hope he gets his badassery back, even though I know it later gets sacrificed in the name of the ship.

Fandom Obsession Music Meme

A Chelsea Drugstore Original: (inspired by hllangel)

1. Pick your #1 fandom obsession of the moment.
2. Put your MP3 player of choice on shuffle.
3. Write down the first ten songs that come up.
4. Prove that each song can be related to your obsession by whatever means you feel necessary. Convince us that it's about your fandom
5. Post at your own LJ or DW and spread the Meme Love.

30 Days of Music Meme

Ganked from speccygeekgrrl

Questions here

Day 27 - A song that you don't love any more

When you spent as much time at a karaoke bar as I do, there are certain songs you hear so much that it's very hard to still love them, especially when you know that the bartenders and the KJ are even sicker of them than you are. When Daddy Dave announces a song as a "Karaoke Classic" you know that's code for "Song I could happily live without ever hearing again."

Not that they're NOT great, fun songs, or that some people don't do them justice, but they've lost a certain amount spark through Karaoke repetition.

That is what has happened to Total Eclipse Of The Heart-Bonnie Tyler, because it really does always seem to be a particularly obnoxious group of drunken sluts who decide to get on stage together and sing it.