October 9th, 2010

fatuous lunatic

Political Aerobics

Worked up quite a sweat in the Haight this morning doing a literature drop on some of the local proposition. Naturally the hot weather we should have gotten last week was back and there were a lot of stairs to go up and mail slots to lean down to. I kept telling myself that Rachel Maddow would be proud of me.

And nothing I had to do was as tough as attempting to interview Art Robinson:

Afterwards we walked down Haight to Fillmore in search of breakfast. Ended up at Squat & Gobble for some delicious crepes and I felt obliged to guzzle two large glasses of orange juice. We hit imaginit for some recycled sari silk (?) and the minute we got home, I collapsed into a two hour nap.

Heading out soon to the movies. Going to see The Social Network.
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30 Days of Letters Meme

Ganked from speccygeekgrrl

Each day for the next month, write a blog in letter form to the following people:

Here's the list

Day 9 — Someone you wish you could meet

Dear President Obama,

You're going to get through this. We're going to get through this. I'm not saying it's going to be pretty. It could be 1994 all over again. It could be worse than 1994. The House, the Senate. Vast numbers.

I don't believe for a minute that these Tea Party lunatics come close to representing the "real Americans." Real Americans are the ones who elected you in 2008. But people are scared and scared people do stupid, stupid things. They're like cranky children lashing out because they're forced to eat something healthy instead of Hostess Twinkies.

We've been here before. They got stupid in 1980 and and stupider in 1994, but eventually they come to their senses. The Republicans screwed up in 1995 and they can be counted on to do it again. Boehner is way stupider than Newt Gingrich. They will completely over-reach, they will try to repeal everything thinking it's what their "tea party people" want and then the Real Americans will step up and you will be reelected. Handily.

Just hang in there babe. We the people are still with you. 100%.

But you've really, really got to do something about Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Executive order, baby.


K-gal-Real American.