November 14th, 2010


"Captive Audience" Entry for Ficathon Walks Into A Bar

Title: Captive Audience
Author: karaokegal
Prompt: Tobias Fornell walks into a bar and meets Humbert Humbert
Pairings: Gibbs/Fornell, Fornell/OFC, Humbert Humbert/Dolores Haze
Fandoms: NCIS/Lolita by Vladimir Nabakov
Word count: 3645
Rating/Warnings: Rating-PG13. Contains multiple mentions of pedophilia, including pedophile POV. Please read at your own risk. Also implied Female/Male Teacher/Student relationship.
Notes: Written for A Ficathon Walks Into A Bar. Sorry I'm late guys! Unbeta'd. Open to comments and concrit including typo notes.
Summary: Fornell can never say no to Gibbs, but this time he really wants to.

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